Pop music has a tonne of artists with artists being distinct from each other. It’s weird but true, that you can have a certain fondness to artists within pop. The diverse nature of pop songs is in a manner where certain traits make you like them/hate them. For example, you might like a song just because of a distinct voice (Adam Levine) or hate an artist for over-commercialization (Justin Beiber/ One Direction) but it doesn’t stop the fact that it is arguably the most heard genre these days. I term this ‘Pop Favourites’, which I think is explanatory.


Photo : Billboard.com | The Chainsmokers

Pop Favourites:

Pop music is literally everywhere – commute, gym, salons and so on. Xtrascoop hasn’t shared much of pop music play-lists. So we decided to that to the pop fans out there. Yes, there might be generic songs from the charts and what not, but hey! everyone likes their own type of music; So here’s a play-list from our side.
P.s. Songs from over the past few years; also some from this year.