Yupp, you heard it right. PPAP Enters Guinness Book of World Records! The viral hit song ‘I have a Pen, I have an apple’ (PPAP in short) having ridiculous run time of 45 seconds, holds the title for Shortest song to enter the Billboard Hot 100 when it reached the US charts on 29 October 2016. PPAP took internet by storms when teen pop star Justin Bieber declared it his “favorite video on the Internet” on Twitter. Since then, PPAP has more than 65 million YouTube views.


Pikotaro, the Japanese comedian behind the huge viral hit music video PPAP was today officially recognized by Guinness World Records during a ceremony in Tokyo for the song’s chart success.The minimalist video costing just $950,  features Pikotaro, dressed in a trademark animal print costume, dancing to nonsensical English lyrics such as “I have a pen. I have an apple. Apple pen.” He even sung the song during the ceremony which you can find above. He added later –

“The internet is amazing! I’m surprised by this sudden popularity. Without Justin’s impact, I think only four people would have showed up in this room”

Since its release, PPAP has generated over 0.4 million unofficial lip-syncing covers worldwide. Well, you may like it or not, PPAP is official hit in Guinness’ eyes. Deal with it!