Princess Tutu (Anime)

This age old anime, has an innocent name indicating a ballet themed story of a princess. Don’t be fooled by the name because this PG-13 show is anything but child friendly(contains semi-nude imagery). A story so deep, it’ll leave an ever lasting mark on you.


Princess tutu

Princess tutu (Plot)

The plot revolves around “Duck/Ahiru”, an actual duck who falls in love with a boy who she sees dancing by mistake one night. She wishes that she too could dance with him but then feels defeated thinking that the boy would never dance with a duck.But her wish comes true when she becomes an actual human girl.Thinking now she can dance with the boy she loves (who later on she finds out is a prince). Her heart fills with happiness. This dream come true moment becomes the saddest part of the story when she is told she is nothing but a character picked out by Drosselmeyer. Drosselmeyer, was a famed writer during the time he was alive. He had the power to make anything he wrote come true. Fearing he would misuse his power,the villagers cut his hands and he bled to death.

When he was killed by the villagers, he was writing a story titled “The Prince and The Raven” which was left unfinished. After many years the Raven enters the real world and the prince follows to defeat them. But to defeat him he makes the greatest sacrifice, he shatters his own heart. Beyond the grave, Drosselmeyer decides that this tale needs an ending and makes Ahiru the scrap goat for it.


Rue and Prince Mytho

Fakir, a descendant of Drosselmeyer and Rue, stolen as an infant by the Raven and raised as his daughter, become part of this tangled tragedy. Ahiru, who is given the power to transform into Princess tutu is now given the job to help the prince Mytho get back his heart while never telling him, her feelings towards him if she doesn’t want to disappear into a speck of light.The ending is bittersweet and leaves the viewer begging for more.

The story line is as complex as it is simple. This anime can be called a classic because of its beautiful plot and vintage art style. Definitely a fresh anime to check out.


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