Ever tried out a walk with your high scoring outfit, dainty boots and a flawless make-up on with an additional provision of being sun kissed?

It was midday when we were running errands to find an auto which could just drop us a few miles away with our erratic costumes out there. It was only after a 15 minutes of lone walk that we could see a vehicle coming. You can actually presume what we did next! We kept waving relentlessly until we had the share-auto all by ourself. Bingo! Is what we thought at that moment, not aware of the fantasy we were gonna enjoy for the next few minutes.

It’s amazing how people manage to embarrass you without actually having the ball in their court. It’s so interesting to know how people use their beautiful eyes to give life to things untold, to things which cannot be done directly with ease. And only then did I know about these, when the middle-aged person kept adjusting his rear mirrors, only to watch us in ways highly unacceptable. Like the usual ‘girl behaviour’ we did sulk away.

Why is it that the girls have to be the ultimate goals? Why is it so natural for girls to just sulk away instead of actually fighting back? Why are only the girls told to dress more appropriately, but not boys to behave? Why is it that a middle aged person is allowed to wink at others, but ladies not merely allowed to wear a decent kurti? Above all, why don’t people change their very thought process when they know what’s right and what isn’t?

Well, these were the things which swamp around our heads in such a gross situation. So what would you choose to do? Walk away? Or simply push the stereotypes aside and stand up for yourself? We chose the former!

We stopped the auto and asked him just one question at once, ‘Are we looking that weird uncle that you weren’t able to move an eye off us? Is something wrong?’ .That moment, when the very embarrassment passes, is the time when people will start to rethink before they dare change their gaze into a perfect stupid stare.

Every girl out there has to either stare back or merely raise her voice to start a change somewhere or as a matter of fact, gather a bit of courage hidden inside her to build her own respect! It isn’t that difficult. Is it?