Rafael Nadal once again proved his mettle in the treacherous clay court by reigning over Stan Wawrinka in the Paris final. After this incredible win, Rafa just made history by winning 10 Grand Slam tournaments in the Open Era. With the 10th French Open title to his name, the Spaniard clinched his 15th major title.

Starting with a very aggressive style of play, Nadal dominated Wawrinka in the final by 6-2, 6-3, 6-1. Nadal’s speed and power was too much to handle for the Swiss third seed. Wawrinka, 32, was defeated for the first time in a major final after being able to win the first three titles.

After winning 15 major titles, Nadal now climbs up to the second spot by leaving Pete Sampras behind on the list of all-time Grand Slam winners. Currently, Rafa is just behind maestro, Roger Federer, who has 18 major titles to his name. The Swiss legend had defeated Nadal in the Australia Open in January.

With the 10th Roland Garros title to his name, Nadal has further established his ‘King of Clay’ title. Rafa now has 79 wins and only 2 losses in the French Open. His only 2 losses were against Novak Djokovic in 2015 and Robin Soderling in 2009. Since 2005, Nadal has been dominating The French Open with his extremely stressful style of game.

Despite a spectacular run at the 2017 Roland Garros, a lot of speculation had surrounded Nadal for clinching the title. But the Spaniard proved everyone wrong by his depth and control of the game against the Swiss third seed. Wawrinka’s powerful shots, which worked spectacularly well against Andy Murray in the semi-final, were not enough to counter Nadal’s style of play. In the end, Wawrinka collapsed against Nadal’s agility and his forehand cannons.

A lot of errors committed by Wawrinka were enough for The Spaniard to conquer the title. Years of experience helped Nadal to clinch the title by dominating The Swiss in hot conditions. With rising frustrations, the conduct of The Swiss player was unsportsmanlike. Smashing of racquet on the surface was clear indication that the game had slipped away from Wawrinka.

Plagued by injuries, a lot of fans and critics had given up on Rafa’s comeback to the competitive sport. But with the incredible final match against Federer and the current win against Wawrinka has been sending shock waves in the world of tennis. Will the world witness the emergence of Federer-Nadal rivalry once again? Like a phoenix, both the rivals have been born from ashes after a series of fatigues and injuries. After dominating the game in the latter part of the last decade, everyone surely hopes the rivalry will continue once again.