It was only after years of speculation that our beloved Rockstar Games finally announced the sequel to the greatest open world game in the history of mankind. Back in October 2016, after the official announcement the company went into radio silence. Dropping an easter egg now and then, Rockstar slipped into its trademark minimalistic marketing campaign like they did for GTA-V. The wait is finally over folks. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer has been released and my God is it beeeeaautiful!!!!

Here are some hard facts fans should know about before donning the cowboy hat and charging into the wild west wonderlands.


7. It is a Prequel:

red dead redemption 2 prequelshot

Photo: Rockstar Games

The original was set in 1911. The trailer most definitely confirms it to be a prequel. One of the many prominent aspects of the original RDR was the timeline. The era of the gunslingers was about to end with the arrival of technology to the wild west like Automobiles, oil drilling platforms and machine guns. The end of the Age of the New Frontier. The prequel theory is seconded by the trains and horse carriages sprouting throughout the trailer. A younger faced Dutch Van der Linde all but confirms this.

6. The Van der Linde gang is back in action:

red dead redemption 2 vanderlindegang

Photo: Rockstar Games

Dutch Van der Linde leads his outlaw wolf pack into action in this sequel. According to rumors multiple characters can be controlled this time. A feat Rockstar achieved and exploited to its fullest in GTA-V. The big bad of the original is also rumored to be playable in this one. Our beloved John Marston returns in this sequel as Van der Linde’s gooney. But he is not the protagonist. That honor goes to….

5. Arthur Morgan – Get ready for redemption:

red dead redemption 2 arthurmorgan

Photo: Rockstar Games

The hero in this one seems to be as much a crook and lowlife as the trailer shows it to be. Rockstar states the story follows the gang “as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive”. And for people who still couldn’t put 2 and 2 together, 1906 is the year Marston is left for dead after a gang-robbery goes awry. The trailer paints Morgan as one big bad wolf. Let us see how the wolf finds salvation on the dusty roads of RDR 2.

4. The world is your oyster…and it’s a big ass world:

Photo: Rockstar Games

The previous game made us see that electronic gaming need not necessarily have ‘boundaries’. That observation will be much more profound than ever in RDR 2. The game is rumored to span throughout three different states. The topography will have different weather as one travels(snowy mountains THEY GOT snowy mountains!!!). And for those wanting them uninterrupted, event free statewide horse races, you are welcome 😉 .

3. Weapons- Best a man can get:

Photo: Rockstar Games

There is Morgan hunting a deer with a bow and arrow in the trailer. Looks like the Gods have been kind to our prayers. Silent kills and long, boring tutorials cometh. The trailer also shows *gulps* dual wielded guns. Arthur Morgan looks badass. You know what else looks badass? Me killing cowboys with two-a-gun, double the fun.

2. Enter the Hunt:

Photo: Rockstar Games

Ever faced this scenario in RDR – you are  strolling through the woods when suddenly a bear mauls you over for no reason. Well I got bad news for you guys. The bear gets bigger and badder in this one. And to top it off, we got crocodiles too. Hunting was a necessary prerequisite for collecting resources in RDR. Now you get to do it again and in a much grander scale. So get ready to brush up your inner hillbilly skills.

1. Let there be Heist:

Photo: Rockstar Games

The trailer shows us a train robbery in action. This confirms the much awaited heist gameplay that fans so badly wanted. Hopefully Rockstar takes a cue from its ultra stylish character driven heists in GTA-V and adds them into the RDR cauldron. Since Arthur Morgan is an outlaw its natural he gets involved in these misadventures. The heist plot shows a lot of promise. Lets just hope it holds as much water as it shows.


Red Dead Redemption is set to be released on Xbox one and Playstation 4 next year. Brace yourselves.