It all starts with a first glimpse or a picture on Facebook or even a description from someone mutual. It takes us no time and we start crushing on that person. Everything starts looking pretty and lovely. It’s all hearts and flowers for us. It takes a few days or sometimes weeks and we finally gather the courage to talk to them. The talk start from minutes and soon last for entire days. Snapchat streaks, liking and commenting on their every Instagram post, tagging them on posts on Facebook (and stalking those who also tag them :P), it all becomes a daily routine. One fine day we realize maybe it’s just not a crush, maybe it’s “LOVE”.

We gather all the courage we have to tell that person about our feelings. Things fall into place, if of course you’re lucky and you live happily ever after.


Or maybe not.

Most of you reading this might be thinking that I must be talking about things that happened ages back. Today things have become more casual. It’s easier to handle a hook-up or a fwb relationship than to carry the burden of being committed. We get easily bored of the person we are with and soon all their qualities that were the basis of us liking them become the reasons why you start finding them annoying. Living in a time where it hardly takes seconds to communicate with a person no matter where they are, we never get satisfied with the one we are with. Most people fear of accepting or even falling in love these days.

Some of us keep waiting for the correct person to enter our lives but don’t acknowledge the ones who are already there because we think we can always get better than what we already have.

The possessiveness that we once found adorable and loving, now feels like imprisonment.  We get irritated of one another and start regretting our decisions. What once felt like hearts and flowers now only feels like thorns. We start to wonder how people get through years together, when we can’t seem to tolerate our significant other for days.

We need to realize that it’s not a matter of talks or hours that takes the relationship through years and decades, but a matter of great understanding and trust that we put into each other. When we commit to a person, we don’t just accept their feelings but accept them with their flaws, mistakes and their past. The trust that we put in each other shouldn’t die out in a day. Giving the necessary space to your partner is very important. Talking about the long run, you’ll find people who’ll be better than your partner in many aspects, but you can’t give up on them because they didn’t give up on you when you weren’t your best self.

Making a relationship last lifelong is not rocket science, all one should remember is that if you have a list of expectations from your partner, so do they!