Karl Mueller’s ‘Rebirth‘ is a ludicrously portrayed and rivetingly executed black comedy. This Netflix original, satirically  tries to portray how we are controlled by our life situations and yet when we find something that makes us feel free, that thing is controlling us too. The film opens with awkward sequences but once you have the grip of where it is heading, you get onboard with it. And it takes you on a ride in which you only want to get off, once you have finished the full circle. Due to the nature of content, the journey may not be same for everyone. Because a lot depends on what kind of things you are taking from it.

I would recommend, not to analyze or backtrack the movie while you are in the middle of it. Its better to just go with the flow. Because as the movie completes the full circle, it makes its point. And its fascinating, the intriguing manner in which the plot develops in the movie.


Kyle is a married man. He is living a satisfactory life with a well paying job and having a nice house. He meets his friend Zack one day, who in an awkward way convinces Kyle to do a job for him. Kyle loves him and both share a rapport, so he takes a shot at it without actually knowing what it is all about. A couple of things lead him into discovering that, it is a sort of self-discovery camp. And he proceeds to take part in it. Taking every next step in the process of joining Rebirth is very vague and mysterious. He is still not sure what exactly is the drill. But before he could realise, he is already a part of the process. And the crazy ride begins.


First thing i was able to draw ties with it was the cult that is portrayed in the game GTA 5, called “Epsilon” . Others might be able to connect it with Scientology. Its a satire on how most of the things in life just want to suck you out  and bend you for their benefit. Taking of the pacing, it is quite good and everything sticks together cohesively. The best thing about it is the events keep you guessing about the full picture and yet its intriguing enough that you just want to go on with it.

Everything is portrayed from the protagonist’s point of view. The movie almost never turns it’s focus to any other character. It makes you go through a range of emotions, the protagonist feels. Happiness, sadness, anger, desperation, confusion is how the emotional state changes in the movie. And it shows, how well the blend of comedy and thriller has been executed. The direction and performances are done pretty well and it just enhances the plot and execution.



Karl Mueller’s ‘Rebirth‘ is a ludicrously portrayed and rivetingly executed black comedy. This nutty film has an intriguing plot which keeps you immersed until it completes the full circle. And then it makes all the senses. Every technical aspect of movie making sticks together cohesively. But due to the nature of movie, the journey for different people might not yield the same experience. But as a whole, this Netflix Original makes up enough credibility to make it a must watch.


Netflix's Rebirth REVIEW: A Mind Boggling Caricature Of Life
Karl Mueller's 'Rebirth' is a ludicrously portrayed and rivetingly executed black comedy.
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