After two failed attempts at one of the most enigmatic characters of Marvel Universe, Sony has finally seemed to find the right balance between Peter Parker and Spiderman. The Tom Holland starring Spiderman : Homecoming has struck all the chords right and has delivered the fans the hero they deserve after waiting for so long.

Despite being in the league of Batman; if box-office collections are to be compared, Sony has produced two lackluster sequences of Spiderman in the past two decades. Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, though considered as one of the finest superhero movies made, met a tragic end with Spiderman 3. The rushed and aggressive attempt to revive the Spiderman once more failed spectacularly with the Andrew Garfield starring The Amazing Spiderman duology. But this time, Sony seems to have taken the phrase ‘With great powers, comes great responsibility’ quite seriously and has lived up to the frenzy fan expectations.

Unlike other superhero origins, Homecoming has avoided the origin of our web-slinger which has been done for the umpteenth time now. Instead of delving into the vapid repertoire of a radioactive spider biting Peter and Uncle Ben getting shot due to Peter’s inability to act, Homecoming dives straight into the teenage idiosyncrasies of a high-school teenager.

Jon Watt’s spectacular direction skills with Holland’s affable acting is what makes Spiderman : Homecoming a treat for eyes. Holland’s portrayal of Peter Parker and his struggle with teenage angst while still figuring out his newly found powers is bound to make you feel for the character. While all this teenage drama might seem over-the-top and melodramatic at first, Holland’s dexterity as the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman actually makes it interesting and hilarious. Unlike the previous installments, Homecoming has an advantage of delving straight into the teenage Spiderman who was first introduced in Civil War. Holland’s effortless charm worked wonders in Civil War and continued in play in Homecoming too.

Apart from the teenage angst of Peter Parker, the movie amazingly juggles the teenage Spiderman, who is itching to get into action after the events of Civil War. The quirky and restless Spiderman tries his level best to stop crime and to be a part of something bigger. This recklessness creates more ruckus instead of the intended nobility of our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger. The tightly knitted plot which doesn’t wants to be a stepping stone for the future movies works brilliantly well and gives a fresh outlook into the superhero genre.

One of the major concerns which arose from the trailers was the frequent usage of Tony Stark in Homecoming. The movie lays all concerns to rest. The inclusion of Tony Stark might have created some skepticism at first, but the charismatic Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. easily gels into the plot making the movie seem more realistic.

Spiderman : Homecoming addresses a lot of issues and executes them with perfection. Since Loki in The Avengers (2012), Marvel has failed to create a terrifying antagonist in its picturesque universe filled with gods and monsters. With the inclusion of Michael Keaton as The Vulture, Homecoming finally puts and end to its inability of creating a truly intimidating villain. After portraying Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) and getting an Oscar nomination for Birdman (2014), Michael Keaton’s obsession with birds continues in Spiderman : Homecoming as the terrifying Vulture. A failed attempt at financial security which stems from the actions of Tony Stark, Adrian Toomes (Keaton) tries to get his share in the world, now filled with humans endowed with incredible powers. Keaton’s Vulture manages to be intimidating because of his grounded reality fused with a fierce purpose against the dizzying optimism of Peter Parker. Michael Keaton adroitly manages the roles of an unforgiving villain and an average citizen trying to maintain his morality.


Vulture from Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN™: HOMECOMING.

Michael Giacchino’s original soundtrack for Homecoming is one of the best soundtracks of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with the classic Spiderman theme, Giacchino hits the ball straight out of the park with his magic. His background music during fight sequences is absolutely phenomenal and plays a vital role in the success of Homecoming.

Apart from Tom Holland and Michael Keaton, the supporting cast of Homecoming makes the movie a truly magical experience. From Jacob Batalon’s Ned to Marisa Tomei as the unusually attractive Aunt May, all the supporting characters gel wonderfully into the unfolding drama. There is also a surprise for the fans with the inclusion of a popular character from the previous movies in Homecoming. The post-credit scene is hilarious and ranks easily among the best post-credit scenes of all time. Spiderman : Homecoming is truly a refreshing movie which breaks the norm of usual superhero movies.

Finally, Spidey has returned home!

Spiderman : Homecoming is now in theaters.