There must come a time in the Series team’s life when they decide to fuck everything and do whatever their mind tells them to do. So let it be a kid adored by all the teachers waving a gun out to the Southside Serpents, or cracking a code with them. But you know that they’ve taken the drugs that we can barely comprehend while writing this masterfully crafted episode when they manage to shoot a brawl between serpents and The Red Circle in the most fantastic and visually stunning manner that even the most wonderful neon frames of the shows take a few staps back.

This episode handled the aftermath of Archie’s video being uploaded on the YouTube. And while doing so, it finally succeeded in making some significant development in all the relationships we’re coming across in this series. Be it Archonica (Don’t kill me), Cooperhead, Veronica’s parents, or the relationship that bound all the citizens of the Riverdale together through these terrifying times.
We got a glimpse behind the veiled killer and his motivations, and a hint towards his relation to the main team.

However, all of these minor reveals that forced us to say it with the ‘What the fuck?’ took sort of a backstage with Archie’s storyline that was merely a plot-point for the sake of a plot-point in the first season. However, in some instances, this choice makes pretty well a sense.

The first season had kept Archie there with a role of merely anything more than an eye candy, steadily increasing his adorable quotient, but with the tangent it took in the end of the first season, the moments of pure darkness that are still steadily redefining Archie made much larger an impact than it would have otherwise.
Betty’s plot-line seems to be basically working hard to steadily build her up for that one ape-shit dark moment that will make everyone lose their minds. Maybe it’s not the case, maybe it is. With Riverdale, there’s little you can speak with certainty. But whatever they’re doing with it is working out great in the context of the individual episodes.

Speaking of adults, Lodge family once again takes the trophy for being the craziest family yet, with Hiram trying to make a rift between North and Southside under the serial killer’s occasion, and Hermione helping him with it. There was a moment in this episode where Hermione gave a nice little speech to Veronica about the difference between loyalty and the blind loyalty, effectively showing us that the good old caring mother is still in there somewhere. The thing that irks me, however, is that is she loyal to a snake (food for thought) like Hiram or blindly loyal – turning her character into the somewhat tragic trajectory.

Alice is vulnerable yet likeable bitch she always is. She viciously cares for her children but still holds an unusually strong agenda against the Southside, and if we’re to take anything in her speech seriously, there’s going to be a heavy aftermath to her speech in the Townhall, brilliantly mirroring Betty’s arc this season.

The story related critique aside, Jughead’s narration is only getting better with each episode, giving Goosebumps each time he speaks in that tone at the beginning and the end of the episode and he makes it shine brightly even in an episode full of brilliant and quite literally epic moments to stand out in a fashion that it feels close to heart. In fact, I swear if they ever release a novel based on this series, I’ll buy it without giving it a second thought.

Music was okay as usual.

Riverdale has kept its visual motif unique to itself all these episodes, not letting it grow stale for a single moment. The artistic cinematic shots, the unique angles that they capture, the bright canvas that gives Riverdale a Riverdale-esque feel, was all magnified ten-fold in this episode with even more technical innovations and even more neon-orgy to satisfy everyone’s needs.

When I remember the times when Riverdale was a tongue-in-cheek darker version of Disney shows, I think of it and laugh at myself. Because this show is nowhere close to that anymore. It has become a beast of its own, something rarely any show would ever achieve anytime soon. And the way it is improving with each episode, keeping the continuity and intrigue and arcs structurally intact even in a 22 episode season, it would be utterly ridiculous to hope for anything but optimistic about this show.

Riverdale: Loyalty is Good, but never the Blind Kind
Riverdale is fun, entertainment and filled with suspense
Creativity 98%
Music 93%
Cinematography & Special Effects 95%
Entertainment Value 93%
Thumbs Up
  • Improved Effects
95%Overall Score
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