HBO is planning to bring one of Hollywood’s most popular stars to TV. Nic Pizzolatto and Robert Downey Jr. are in talks for a drama series. The “True Detective” creator will write and the “Iron Man” actor will be starring as lead character.

Plot details are not known, but it is speculated that the project is going to be a “Perry Mason” reboot, which Robert Downey Jr. had been trying to develop as a feature film at Warner Bros. studios for several years. Pizzolatto, Joe Horacek, Robert Downey Jr., and his producing partner and wife, Susan Downey will serve as exec producers.

nic pizollat and robert downey jr

The project will be a series, rather than being a TV film. The project has been in production at HBO since as early as May.

This project is going to be Robert Downey Jr.’s first forey on television.


Downey Jr. wanted to do some sort of “Perry Mason” project for some time and tried by setting it up at Warner Bros. as a film back in 2011. The film never got green lit and due to his other lawyer based flick “The Judge” getting mixed results at the box office, the studio and Team Downey thought that television was a better platform for it. The original “Perry Mason” series, starring Raymond Burr, ran on CBS from 1957 to 1966.

With a third season of “True Detective” still not getting a season order, this potential series will keep Pizzolatto in hold of HBO and that too on a very high-profile project.

For Downey Jr., the project not only marks his big transcendence to TV on the screen, but also as a TV producer. The “Iron Man” star did proposed a drama to ‘Showtime’ in 2014 but it also failed to become reality.

HBO and Pizzolatto previously worked with academy award winner, Matthew McConaughey, in the first season of “True Detective”.