Everyone has watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. right? Back in its sixth season, the lovable yet not-so-favourite paleontologist, Dr. Ross Geller predicted something disturbingly sinister which would later be developed as an episode for Black Mirror. It seems like the creators of Black Mirror had some help from our beloved Ross to create one of the best episodes for the dystopian series.


The fourth episode of the third season from the British science-fiction anthology series is named San Junipero. This episode stands out from the other episodes of the series in a very particular way. For starters, this episode starts with a loving couple Kelly and Yorkie who meet each other in various eras, against a warm and soothing backdrop. But as per the USP of Black Mirror, San Junipero has a massive plot twist which puts movies like Se7en and Fight Club to shame. All these characters are actually memories, which now live endlessly in a computer universe.

Coming back to 1999, when the sixth season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was airing on cable TV. During a conversation between Ross and Chandler, the pedantic paleontologist talks about storing memories in computers and living endlessly in a simulation.

‘By the year 2030, there’ll be computers that can carry out the same amount of functions as the actual human brain. ‘So, theoretically, you could download your thoughts and memories into this computer and live forever as a machine.’


Credits : NBC

Shocked by Dr. Geller’s accurate prediction? Worry not, you’re not the only one! It seems like Ross was indeed, ahead of his time. But alas, rarely do true geniuses get the recognition they deserve during their time. We are proud of you Ross, the paleontologist from the future!

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