The mid-season finale of The Flash was a big mythology episode for the show. The episode was fast paced and had countless revelations for the Team Flash. Alchemy’s dual identity was discovered and Savitar’s origin was partially revealed. And you know what, they even had a little séance in the episode. But of all these, the event that stole the limelight was self-proclaimed Savitar’s Prophecy – One will fall, One will betray and One will suffer fate worse than death. BTW, forgot the mandatory SPOILER WARNING tag! If you haven’t watched the episode yet, it’s your cue to turn back. And for the others, hop on the speculation train. This is going to be first article in Savitar’s prophecy series. We are going to examine the candidates for the first Savitar’s prophecy – Who will Fall?

1. Iris West


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Well, this one is a no-brainer choice. Last week during crossover episode we discovered, that due to Flashpoint, “Flash missing in Crisis” newspaper article in the time vault was no longer written by Iris West. And in the latest episode we knew why. Towards end of the episode, Barry gets a glimpse of the future where he sees Savitar impaling Iris. It makes sense – if Iris dies, she never writes the article in future. That article along with Barry’s vision makes Iris the strongest contender for “One will Fall” prophecy. However, this theory has one major flaw – Iris West is as integral part of The Flash mythos as Laurel Lance is to Green Arrow. The creatives behind The Flash know first hand what happens when you kill such an important character. Further, The Flash has always been expert in misleading it’s viewers. So, in the end, Barry will find some way to save Iris, but in doing so, Iris will be replaced by somebody else.

Chances of Iris Falling – LOW

2. Jay Garrick


Photo: CW

The number of good speedsters in The Flash has been increasing exponentially. In Season 1, there was only one, in Season 2, there were two and now in Season 3 there are as many as four speedsters! Also, in two seasons, we haven’t seen death of any good speedster. So, will the third time be the charm? In his prophecy, Savitar says – One of you will fall. Note the word “FALL”. Normal/Simple people like you and me die, but legends like world saving speedsters FALL. So, there is good chance that one of the speedsters will bite the dust. Barry is the titular hero, so no way they are going to kill him off. Jesse and Wally are young and just starting their superhero career. That leaves Jay Garrick. He is experienced and well-established hero from Earth-3 and so the prime candidate of falling. Jay Garrick is series regular in back half of The Flash S03, which means he is going to help Barry in his fight against Savitar and that puts him in his cross-hairs.

Chances of Jay Falling – HIGH

3. Joe West


Photo: CW

The shows of Arrowverse hate parents! They kill the parents first and then anyone else. And that’s why Joe West chance of survival past Season 3 looks bleak. Apart from Iris, if there is anyone whose death will affect Barry big time, it’s Joe West. Joe has been dodging death since Season 1, but I think, Season 3 will be the time when his luck will finally run out. Besides, killing Joe will give writers many plot devices for his three children – Barry, Wally and Iris. Perhaps, Wally tries to attempt Flashpoint or kid-Flashpoint and Barry stops him. Iris and Barry break up as Barry doesn’t go back in time to save him etc etc. Poor Joe!

Chances of Joe Falling – TOO DAMN HIGH

4. Cisco Ramon


Photo: CW

Cisco has been having a pretty emotional season. Due to Barry’s timeline messing, he lost his brother Dante. In nine episodes of Season 3 so far, we have seen tremendous character development in Cisco Ramon. From hating Barry, to forgiving him, Cisco Ramon has grown into a more mature character. And this is why I fear for Cisco’s life. He is no longer the geeky Cisco from Season 1. If there is one thing that I have learned from watching countless TV shows, you don’t give a side character major story arc unless you are bidding him/her goodbye by the end of the season. In the back half of The Flash, Cisco’s urge to bring Dante back will certainly cross paths with Savitar. And so, he may betray the team or even get killed in the course. Or perhaps, I am too skeptic. Cisco is superhero Vibe – he hasn’t yet wore his costume, neither started his superhero career. So, probably he is safe for one or two more seasons. Plus, we can’t have The Flash without geeky Cisco. Cisco is the Felicity of The Flash, so rest assured, he is gonna be safe for long time.

Chances of Cisco Falling – LOW

5. Caitlin Snow


Photo: CW

Just like Cisco, Caitlin’s life has been also massively altered due to Flashpoint. In the new timeline, her Frost powers have started manifesting and slowly turning her into Killer Frost. Though she is wearing fancy Cisco’s meta-humans cuff which is keeping her powers at bay, it’s only a matter of time before Killer Frost takes over her. However, this is not why she is the candidate for the ‘falling’. Savitar is a speedster and like others, cold is his weakness too, which makes Caitlin the number one threat. If the set photos of costumes are taken into account, then Caitlin is going to get brand new costume in the back half of The Flash. What remains to be seen is whether she turns into cold Killer Frost or brave Caitlin Frost. The writers are not going to fully turn her into Earth-2 Killer Frost, and so even though initially, Killer Frost persona may take over Caitlin, she will fight back and regain control over her powers. And once she regains control, she is definitely gonna help Barry take down Savitar, which may lead to undoing of Caitlin. Who knows, she may have to sacrifice herself for getting rid of Savitar. Her sacrifice will be the perfect closure of Caitlin Snow character. Like Joe, her death will have a major impact on Team Flash. Again, writers will have tons of plot devices at their disposals.

Chances of Caitlin Falling – MEDIUM

6. HR


Photo: CW

Since we are examining all the members of Team Flash, I had the obligation to include the latest incarnation of Harrison Wells – HR from Earth-19. Unlike the other Wells, HR has more humble and upbeat demeanor. Though lacking in scientific expertise, he makes up for that with his friendly nature. However, in my opinion, HR is safe from Savitar. According to the future news reporter, Savitar kills Iris in the middle of 2017 i.e around Season 3 finale. Assuming Iris isn’t going to die, the person replacing her should be equally important and close to Barry. And fortunately for HR, he doesn’t qualify for the replacing person role. Further, from the show’s point of view, since Tom Cavanaugh has basically played a new character every season, killing HR won’t have that much effect on its audience than, say death of Joe West.

Chances of HR Falling – LOW

7. Julian Desmond


Photo: CW

As it has been the tradition of The Flash, the newest member of Team Flash – Draco Malfoy..err, sorry my bad…Julian Desmond – is connected to season-long villain Savitar, albeit in a dual-personality state. In the mid-season finale, he officially joined the Team Flash. And his this action has put a target on his back. If you think about it, Julian Desmond is the strongest contender of the person dying at the hands of Savitar. Being the lackey of Savitar, his helping Team Flash will not bore well with the self-proclaimed god. Further, from team dynamics point of view, Julian is expendable just like Eddie Thawne in Season 1. Julian isn’t a good guy in comics and he doesn’t bring anything extra to the team – we already have a C.S.I in Barry. It would be shame to see Tom Felton go, but the way his character is being written, there is good chance we will be bidding him adieu by season end.

Chances of Julian Falling – HIGH

So guys, what did you think about this analysis of possible victims of first Savitar’s prophecy? Do you agree with this list? Who do you think will be the most likely candidate to go by the season end? Comment below, let us know. And don’t forget to bookmark our site for the remaining two article in the series. We will be adding the links to them here soon.

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