The second Savitar’s Prophecy – One will Betray – has sent every fan of The Flash in frenzy. The core members of the Team Flash are like a family and it’s hard to imagine one betraying another. Savitar’s Prophecy: Who Will Betray is the second article in the series Savitar’s Prophecy. We will be analyzing the candidates who can or will betray Team Flash and fulfill Savitar’s Prophecy. But before that, a mandatory SPOILER warning. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, walk away now. But please come back later for the analysis. So, on with the show then.

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1. Caitlin Snow 


Photo: CW

As much as Danielle Panabaker enjoyed playing the bad guy again in Killer Frost episode, we the viewers also loved her tearing apart Barry and Team Flash. She is one mean bitch. While Caitlin has been able to keep her dual identity in check, there is little doubt Killer Frost will unleash herself in later episodes. After all, you don’t design a costume and not let the actor wear it. When it comes to betraying the team, Caitlin Snow makes the strongest case of all – both of her identity has the motive. Killer Frost will most certainly betray them due to her nature. And Caitlin may betray them in lieu of getting rid of her Killer Frost identity. Remember that Caitlin is scared of her turning into Killer Frost and Savitar knows it. He may mislead her into thinking that he can take away her powers thereby making her betray his friends. This theory is supported by the fact that according to an acolyte in S03E07, Savitar has plans for Killer Frost.

Chances of Caitlin Betraying – HIGH

2. Cisco Ramon


Photo: CW

Just like Caitlin, Cisco too has been having a pretty emotional Season 3. Due to Flashpoint, or in short Barry, he lost his brother Dante. And if you go by the events of The Flash S03E09, he will certainly go to any length to bring him back from dead. As Savitar deceived Julian into finding philosopher’s stone by showing him visions of his dead sister, he may very well use the same trick for Cisco once again later. Last time it took Caitlin to snap Cisco out of Savitar’s control, but who knows perhaps, this time Cisco will succumb to the dark side. And the biggest Iff’s of all – What if in the vision that Cisco saw in The Flash S03E06, it’s not Caitlin/Frost but Cisco who’s the bad guy and Caitlin must be stopping Cisco from doing something evil? I know it’s far-fetched, but it will be an awesome twist. What say?

Chances of Cisco Betraying – MEDIUM

3. Wally West


Photo: CW

Wally West’s transformation into Kid Flash is nothing short of astonishing. His powers are increasing day by day and it’s not long when he will leave Flash far behind. He even got his own crime-fighting costume in The Flash S03E09. But still, if the preview video is concerned, he is still being treated a rookie and inferior by Barry. You can check the video below courtesy of WB and CW –
Clearly, Barry is distraught after the vision of future and so he is being an a**hole to Wally. However, this alone shouldn’t be the reason for Wally to betray Team Flash. Rest all members are siding with Wally, so unless something disastrous happens in the back half, Wally is pretty safe from being the candidate betraying Team Flash.

Chances of Wally Betraying – LOW

4. Joe West


Photo: CW

Joe is not only a father figure to Barry, Wally and Iris, but to the entire Team Flash. He is the kind of guy who will sacrifice himself before turning on the others. He is more suitable candidate for other two Savitar’s prophecies. He isn’t gonna betray others.

Chances of Joe Betraying – LOW

5. Iris West


Photo: CW

Just like Joe, Iris is also in clear when it comes to betraying Team Flash. She loves Barry and is the lead female protagonist of the show. Though her betraying Team Flash would make for the biggest WTF in the history of TV shows, it will be inconsistent with the character of Iris.

Chances of Iris Betraying – LOW

6. Julian Desmond


Photo: CW

Julian is in a very precarious situation. By the end of The Flash S03E09, Julian was well inducted in Team Flash. Come second half of the season, and you may see him fighting crimes alongside Team Flash. However, like Cisco, he too lost his sister and that actually made him Savitar’s target for finding Philosopher’s stone. He unconsciously donned the identity of Alchemy. However, it will be a nice twist if later it is revealed Julian knew about Alchemy identity all along. He may have become Alchemy in lieu of getting his sister back. And probably it’s part of the plan that he has gained trust of Team Flash.

Chances of Julian Betraying – MEDIUM

7. HR


Photo: CW

If it isn’t obvious yet, this year Tom Cavanaugh’s Earth-19 Harrison ‘HR’ Wells is there only for comic relief. Unlike other Harrison Wells, HR isn’t a scientist – he is a novelist. And if you ask him, that’s pretty much will be his role in S03. For two straight seasons, Tom Cavanaugh’s Harrison Wells has been in the center of season long arc. And so, maybe this time, he has been pushed to the sidelines.

Chances of HR Betraying – LOW

So guys, analysis of these seven characters pretty much sums up the speculation of who will betray Team Flash. It’s safe to say that Jesse Quick or Jay Garrick won’t be betraying the Team Flash and so we haven’t included them in the list. Do you agree with this list? Who do you think will betray Team Flash? Comment below, let us know. And stay tuned for the last article in the Savitar’s Prophecy series.

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