Every coin has two sides. And like coins, people do too. What most of us don’t get is that people have as much capacity for good as they do for evil. And while we unintentionally focus mostly on the parts that society tells us to, we often overlook the part that makes all the difference. Here at Xtrascoop, we bring you a list to highlight that part of the story you failed to have a look at. Here is a list of the seven most hated people on this planet with a side you never knew existed.


7.Bashar al-Assad

most hated people assad

Photo: ABC News

Assad has been aptly called ‘The Butcher of Syria’. From chemical bombings on rebel forces to ruthless ethnic cleansing of the Kurds, this meek looking man has put out a statement for everyone. Do not mess with him in his own damn country. This strong man approach not only prevents his enemies from doing anything drastic but also makes him one of THE most hated man still breathing on this planet.

Unlike his father Hafez al Assad, Bashar believed Syria needed social reform to stand back on her own two legs. He intended to do away with the brutal use of the military force to do his bidding for which his father was infamous for. Assad would be considered a dictator now but Assad believed the only way to ensure Syrian Progress was democracy. He went as far as calling it and I quote “a tool for a better life”. How many of you here have heard about ‘The Damascus Spring’? Not many I suppose. The incident involved the release of record numbers of political prisoners held captive since Hafez al Assad’s regime. Guess who was the reason behind it?

6.Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Photo: Youtube

This man needs no introduction. Baghdadi is the present embodiment of all the evil in this world. A byproduct of too much western meddling in the middle east, Baghdadi is a true radical. Even the Al-Qaeda thinks of him as “a bit much”. An international terrorist organization at his disposal, the 43 year old self declared Caliph of the Islamic State is the reason of a million tears each day.

Everyone would be thinking by now why do the people in the ISIS controlled areas did not even try and rebel against Baghdadi’s tyranny. Well because ISIS achieved something not even the Iraqi government could in their comparatively longer span. Public Services. Sanitation, indoor plumbing, Schools – things that those Iraqi citizens could only dream of were what ISIS nonchalantly delivered once they set up their rule. According to a report, crime rates were at record low and employment at record high under the ISIS regime. No one can justify this barbaric regime and what they did. But for some people, just a few rural hillbillies, Baghdadi did far better than most.


5.Bill Cosby


Photo: Sheknows.com

Bill Cosby is a name synonymous with two things – ’legendary comedian’ and ‘sex offender’. With the sixty alleged charges of rape and sexual misconduct against him, Cosby was finally dragged to court. He surrendered to the authorities and provided full cooperation while vehemently opposing all charges. While the charges never stuck, the dark side of the comedian was revealed to the general public who vowed to forever remember him as the maniac he is.

A comedian throughout his career, Cosby wasn’t always known for using date rape drugs to assault minors. In his prime, Cosby was a model of true comedy. It was the peak of the Civil Rights movement when Cosby rose to prominence. While the rest of the actors were divulging into race and inequality to make the audience giggle, Cosby never did. Not even once has Cosby in his entire career used race as an object in his comic acts rather relying on his childhood and teenage memories to pull smiles outta people’s lips. Race as a topic never existed in Cosby’s surrealistic/observational form of comedy. Cannot comment on his sex life, but gotta respect that.


4.Vladimir Putin


Photo: CNN

This Russian political chess player continues to take the world by storm. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is a guy as famous as he is infamous. He has controversially provided support to the brutal Assad regime in Syria. He has covertly helped further Iran’s dreaded nuclear programme. Went to war with a tiny country called Georgia for a ridiculously small stretch of land. Crippled free speech in his own country. But the highest point of his political scene has been the annexation of Crimea. A decision that accounts for a majority of international condemnation against him throughout his career.

So, why is he on the list of the most hated people on the planet? Well, because Vladimir Putin has something in common with Adolf Hitler of Germany. Both are ardent animal lovers. Putin is known for his love for animals and wildlife. He has two dogs, a goat, a dwarf horse and a fucking SIBERIAN TIGER. Putin is known for overseeing multiple research projects to help keep track and protect endangered wildlife of Russia. One particularly well known incident is that of Mongol the Snow Leopard. The leopard was held captive for 5 days in appalling conditions for research purposes. After Putin realized the poor cat’s plight, she was released under the president’s immediate orders


3.Marine Le Pen


Photo: L’Opinion

Marine Le Pen is the stalwart of French right wing nationalism in the political arena. Taking the reins from her father to lead the National Front, a French Nationalist party with super conservative views on immigration and French pride, Le pen symbolizes the rise of white pride in the normally liberal French Diaspora. She shamelessly opposes schooling for immigrant children, campaigns against them getting free healthcare and strives to shift France to a “French first” ideology. She has even been repeatedly accused of mishandling EU funds and getting away with it, courtesy of her immunity granting position in the EU parliament. This woman is a hated figure in not just one, but several continents for her venom spewing antics.

But for all the bad things discussed above, Le Pen is still a softie compared to her father Jean-Marie Le Pen. To simplify it for you guys, Jean is a guy who denies the holocaust ever happened, is vocally anti-semitic and sees all non-white races in a disturbing spectrum. Marine on the other hand has not so controversial views. She has expelled people from the party (including her father) who spread racism under the guise of right wing politics. She even termed the holocaust as the “height of barbarism”. A move unheard of in the Le Pen family. Unlike her usually xenophobic and homophobic party predecessors, Le Pen is a staunch supporter of same-sex marriage. She may have issues but she ain’t got nothing on the people that took the helm before her.


2.Kim Jong Un

most hated people kim

Photo: ABC News

Political news satire magazine The Onion has termed this chubby little piggy The Sexiest Man Alive. Kim Jong Un is not a name entirely unheard of for even the most ignorant of men. Kim is the reason his own country starves to death every winter. North Korea under Kim Jong Un has had a horrible track record of putting tourists under captivity for the pettiest of crime like taking a picture of a slum or ripping off a propaganda poster. North Korea has recently accumulated a huge amount of political prisoners a.k.a slaves of the state until death. Kim Jong Un and his childish fits of rage have created international furor and ridicule on the world stage.

So for all his ridiculousness, it’s no wonder how he made it to the list of the most hated people, Is there?. But he did. And rightfully so. That is because Kim Jong Un even with his laughable temper tantrums has displayed tremendous apathy for mother nature. That’s right fellas. Kim Jong Un is a tree hugger. Many claim the low level industrialization gets credit for this. But many of the recently passed ridiculously eco friendly North Korean laws beg to differ. One such example can be the Kim Jong Un sponsored and unique traffic control system in North Korea. The system is not only unmanned and self calibrating but also completely powered by renewable energy. No small feat for one of the least developed and most isolated countries in the world.


1.Donald Trump

most hated people trump

Photo: ABC News

My name is Donald J. Trump. I like wearing orange wigs to deceive people into thinking I am blonde. I can produce more expressions with my hand than Kristen Stewart can do with her face. And I like to bash womanhood wherever, whenever, however possible. Oh did I also mention I am a closet racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, egoistic, male chauvinistic lying son of a bitch who thinks America means a band of pure-bred, white skinned, tobacco chewing redneck hillbillies, American dream be damned. Did I also mention I just so happen to be the most powerful person on the face of the Earth at this moment?

Donald Trump has been the ringmaster of a polarizing political circus till now. He has his massive amount of vices( ONE TOO MANY!!!) and considered one of the most hated people in the world but he ain’t entirely the Satan of this show as the media paints him to be. Donald Trump is a teetotaler. As in Mr. Trump has never touched alcohol all his life.

In a world where alcoholism has killed more people than the first world war, this poison for a drink is still a vice many choose to embrace than ignore. And can anyone blame them? Stress and depression take their toll on the human mind. And he is the President of the most powerful country in the world. He is ALWAYS in stress. So the reason for his abstinence you ask? Donald Trump’s late brother and childhood idol Fred Trump who died of alcoholism in 1981. Trump says Fred had a profound impact on his life. It humble him after realizing the fragility of life and the toll it took on Fred. So on his deathbed, Fred advised him “Don’t drink ever”. Getting an advice from such a first hand witness, Trump took it to heart. How’s that for locker room talk!!!