Udaipur, the center tourism place of Rajasthan which is famous for its lakes, valleys and tourists spots is recreating the history of art which is well-known for shilpgram.


Shilpgram, the Craft and Artisan’s Mela is meant to promote West Zone Culture of India. It brings out the tradition of how people in rural areas make these artifacts and handicrafts. The fair is organized at the end of every year, from 21st to 30th December. The mela, majorly explores the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. One of the important objectives of Shilpgram is to increase the awareness of culture of Art and Craft of tribal and rural areas amongst the people (especially amongst the Youth).

“Shilpgram is a unique and different Mela from others. I come here to do the shopping of distinctive handmade household items, which are normally not available in market,” says Manju Shirivastava, an art lover.

Shilpgram holds a platform for the Urban and rural artists like potters, designers, visual artists to exhibit their skills and promote their work in front of the outside world. “We pay Ten thousand Rs. to set up our stalls. Along with that we also get accommodation facility over here only,” said Gopal kumar, Molera Village. He also said that, different items take different spam of time to be made.

Visitors, across the world, come here to visit and have a taste of rural and Western Culture of India. It also invites the outsiders to enjoy the traditional night performances by the artists of different tribes. These artists perform under the stage of open sky which can hold up to the crowd of Ten thousand people within it. It includes classical performances, folks, comedy shows, tribal music etc.


The Artisan’s village (Shilpgram) is situated near the Fateh Sagar Lake, spread over the area of 70 acres of land and surrounded by Aravallies. The entire place is designed in typical rural and traditional architecture.

The Mela also includes disparate types of huts representing different tribes of different states describing the unique traditional architectures. It includes five huts of Rajasthan, five of Goa, seven of Gujarat and three of Maharahtra. These huts are made up of wood, clay, Stones and designed walls on them. The Shed of the huts are made up of dry grass, kelu, bamboo leaves and leather.

Also, people come from different parts of India to set up their stalls here. Kashmiri Shawls, blankets, Chatai or Assami clothes, handmade mufflers are also amongst the popular items that are sold in Shilpgram.

Shilpgram also has its security facility helped by the local police including fifty cameras around the place. “There are four-five police members who observe every activity from the Control Room through security cameras. The more the cameras, the more the security,” said Sarita Seni, Police Constable.

In order to ensure to visit Rural and Traditional art and craft, Shilpgram depicts the lifestyle of the folk and Tribal people of West Zone of India.

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