Months of excitement and hype converged to a singular 178 minutes of truth. The ambiguous motion poster, the jaw dropping trailer, goosebumps inducing title track – all had played their part. Now, it was time for the actual film to show its might. And for the most part, Shivaay exceeded expectations.

Let’s talk about the plot first. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the basic premise of Shivaay from its two trailers. Daughter (Abigail Eames) of an experienced mountaineer (Ajay Devgn) is kidnapped and transforming him into an indestructible warrior. The film only adds some headers and footers. Hollywood fans will be aware that Shivaay is desi take on Liam Neeson’s Taken. However, unlike Taken, Shivaay is NOT primarily an action film, but a Father-Daughter love story with action sequences sprinkled according to taste. Before going to Shivaay, make sure to watch the second trailer that released two days ago.

The two trailers are poles apart but the film is somewhere along the bisector of the two. Shivaay incorporates both emotional and crazy part of the trailers with ease. Unlike the staple masala movies of Bollywood, where the hero no longer remains a Home sapien anymore, the film pauses in between to show the human side and the toll his separation from her daughter is taking on Devgn. And that is good because you start rooting for the characters. Overall, the story of Shivaay is not new. But its near perfect execution is unique in history of Bollywood.

Coming to the acting part, Shivaay is Ajay Devgn’s show. From beginning to end, you can’t take your eyes off of him. It seems Devgn’s father role in previous films like Drishyam was him practicing for Shivaay. Just think of Shivaay’s Shivaay as cross between Bajirao Shigham and Vijay. Now, if that doesn’t give you the picture, nothing will.

Mark my words, the child protege – Abigail Eames – is a star in making. She was terrific in her role of Devgn’s daughter Gaura. And believe me, she was the only competition to him. Born a mute, Eames’ Gaura expressed much more through her expressions and limited syllables. Being a foreign and child actor, it was a masterstroke to not give her any dialogues as it would have been difficult for her to deliver them.

Other actors also did a decent job. Erika Kaar’s Olga,  a Bulgarian DU student, reminded me of Su in Rang De Basanti. Majority of her role was in first half, and in second half, she was sent to backseat. However, it was the debutant, Sayyesha Saigal who disappointed me. Blame it on Devgn and Eames power packed performance, or shoddy writing of Saigal’s character, she didn’t get the opportunity to rise above others. Hope she will do better in her next outing. Vir Das’ Wahab, an ethical hacker, was your generic hacker had a brief role whom you can forget very easily.

Needless to say, action sequences were simply nuts. What you saw in trailers was merely a sneak peak. In fact, the introductory scene of Shivaay, hasn’t even been attempted in Hollywood. Let’s say, half of your ticket’s money is worth that 3 minute scene alone. Some of the actions are just a visual delight. Sorry, can’t talk about them giving spoilers. But there is one scene that irked me a little. Remember Devgn almost jumping off of falling police van in trailer? Well, you can see a tad blink-and-miss green screen behind Devgn. Either nobody from production team noticed that, or scene was intended to be like that. Whatever be the case, remaining action scenes are flawlessly shot.


However, Shivaay isn’t without its fair share of problems. There is one scene in the first half that felt out of place. Just a minor spoiler here – Shivaay is angry with Olga for a petty issue. Initially, I was like, why is he angry. I thought there would be good reason for him being angry with her. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. After knowing the reason, I felt Shivaay could have handled the situation maturely. Also, there were couple of cliche moments in second half that could have been easily done away with.

Overall, Shivaay is a tremendous effort from Ajay Devgn and his team. Frankly speaking, I had never expected a film of this quality and caliber from Bollywood industry. No doubt, this film took more than a year to complete. Hats off to Ajay Devgn for making Shivaay. I hope Shivaay shatters some, if not all, box-office records.

On that note, we at Xtrascoop, urge you to watch Shivaay in theaters before reading any reviews from critics – even from us. Shivaay has unfortunately become a victim of hate campaign. Because nothing else can explain negative critics reviews despite of getting unanimous positive response from the audience. We have here some of the general audience response from twitter. They are common moviegoers like you and me and not overpaid, biased critics.

Shiva Satyam ‏@AsliShiva

It’s Interval for #Shivaay & it is fine so far. #Shivaay is very good family entertainer film, Which would be watched by Every Section of Audience, it has potential to go past 175cr. #Shivaay ‘s action sequence are very stylish, It has great emotional story that revolves around the relations of father, mother & daughter. #Shivaay is Paisa vasool film & I advise you to watch this film with your whole family , My Ratings is 4* & Business Prediction is 175cr+ #Shiyaay ‘s action sequence is one of the best action ever shown by hindi audience. it’s #VFX is Outstanding like #Bahubali.

Sα∂ιк Hυѕѕαιη ‏@sadikrules

Just watched #Shivaay. If u love ur daughter than don’t missed it emotional movie. Action is Hollywood level. @ajaydevgn award winning perf. Screenplay of #Shivaay edge on u seat. Cinematography is very nice. Performance wise it’s top notch. All family will sure love it. **** Star


Shivaay is a painting with a soul…the child actor could be better yet the locales cover up for her..worth a watch #shivaay

Hisham ‏@hishh

#Shivaay update – Starts slow but what a gripping 1st half. World class stunts n out of d world locations. Looks like @ajaydevgn hs a winner. #Shivaay 1st half has every thing in it. Love , family , adventure , emotions n kicks ass stunts. Hope 2nd half maintain d momentum #Shivaay – Superb stunts ,excellent locations for a perfect action thriller with lot of emotions.Too long ,still entertains.Sure shot. 3.5/5 #Shivaay – Father’s hunt for his daughter. @ajaydevgn is excellent as an actor , and better as director. Camera , music – Superb. Go watch #Shivaay – Some lags here n there , and unbelieve stuffs too. But if you love action movies with some emotions , this is it. Go watch. #Shivaay – Vision and hardwork of @ajaydevgn needs to be applauded. Totally impressed with the director in him. Deserves to b in 100cr club.

Aalim Hakim ‏@AalimHakim

Just finished watching #SHIVAAY …Without doubt this is one of the best Emotional,Action,Powerful movie …@ajaydevgn has raised the bar for the action in Indian cinema..Superb performance by everyone and Ajay Devgan carries the film on his shoulder with full elaan …He is not only a great actor but also a fantastic director…Every technical department of the film is very Slick and the film will Entertain you thoroughly …Every action scene will keep you on the edge…The girl playing Ajay’s daughter is superb…The climax of the film is a high voltage drama…This is a beautiful Father Daughter relationship Action film ….A Must Must Must Watch !!!!

So guy, what did you think about Shivaay? Do you agree, Shivaay is the best film of 2016? Were you impressed with Ajay Devgn and his team for making a fantastic film? Comment and Rate below, let us know.

And for others, who haven’t watched the film yet, Are you waiting for any formal invitation? Go, book your tickets now!

Shivaay REVIEW: A Role Model Film For Bollywood
Despite being stuck in cocoon of Bollywood cliches, Ajay Devgn's second directorial venture is a redefining film in Bollywood.
Music & Sound Effects92%
Cinematography & Special Effects94%
Entertainment Value85%
Thumbs Up
  • Top Notch Action Sequences
  • Ajay Devgn's Performance
  • Fitting Music and Songs
Thumbs Down
  • Sayyesha Saigal Debut
  • Just One Negligible Green Screen Scene
87%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (10 Votes)