Shounen anime are the type of anime which run over a longer period of time. They are the most popular type of anime and are received by a large audience. People love it because everyone can enjoy it for years. If you don’t get bored with long shows and like to binge watch then here is a list of the best Shounen Anime:

1. One Piece:

Obviously it was going to be at the top of the list! This has been going on since 1998 and still its popularity is increasing. One of the best and most consistent shows in terms of quality.


2. Hunter X Hunter:

A shounen anime with a really intriguing plot and animation, this show is one of a kind. A perfect balance between action and story is always maintained thus never becoming disappointing.


3. Hajime no Ippo:

A sports anime based on boxing. Hajime no Ippo is like a long Rocky movie which will keep pumping you up with enthusiasm. Once you start watching it, there is no stopping.


4.  Dragon Ball/DBZ/DBS:

Jump on to next one. I don’t need to tell anything about this anime.

Dragon Ball Z

5. Gintama:

A very long and really crazy shounen anime. It will never stop surprising you with its plot.


6. Monster:

One of the best stories you will ever experience. The start is quite slow and takes time to become really intriguing. Filled with mind games and mysteries, it’s a must for everyone.


7. Naruto/ Naruto: Shippuden:

A very popular Shounen Anime, it has a huge fan following. The plot is really enjoyable if only there were not so much fillers. You can enjoy the whole series if you skip the fillers.


Happy Binge watching! 😀