Digital life! Digital India! Aren’t these the buzz words now-a-days? The world is at its best getting digitalized and India is taking exciting steps to live one. Everything in our life can now be digitalized. But not everyone is accessible or given the necessities to do so.
Hold it…I think its time India stops complaining and starts implementing. Ask me why? I would say-“Smart India Hackathon”.


Smart India Hackathon 2017

As the name goes, it all revolves around getting the “Smart India”. The Oxford dictionary describes hackathon as “an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.” Precisely right, the Smart India Hackathon is a combined effort towards one common goal-‘Digital India’.
What basically do we mean by Digital India?
To put it simply, it is an incredible step by the government to make people more digitally empowered by any means, be it increasing the internet connectivity, improving online infrastructure or any other means which is technologically sound.


Prakash Javadekar

With this in mind, let me tell you that the Smart India Hackathon, launched by the Union Minister of Human Resource and Development, Prakash Javadekar, is the world’s largest digital national building initiative. This 36hr program aims at addressing various problems of a variety of departments from all the remote areas as well and provide the best possible digital solution for the wide-spread issues. And for this to happen, it invites the youth to put forth their ideas, so that the life dreamt, becomes the next existing genre. 3 teams for every AICTE recognized colleges are invited to take part and give the best of their solutions for any problem they notice. The government of India has put in considerable efforts to recognize the rising problems in various departments like agriculture, biotechnology, bioenergy, animal technology, food, and nutrition, etc and has finally collected 600+ problems so far. The students are even given few ideas for example so that it would be better for them tune their ideas in a more efficient manner. In a nutshell, it is an effort to solve real time issues in a digital way. Well, isn’t it interesting?


AICTE recognized students get lucky

Isn’t it a great step towards a greater India? We people of India should take pride in such an intelligent, thoughtful step, which benefits all of us in some or the other way. So people buckle up, find the insightful you and contribute every bit you can to make this mission, a grand success.