‘Suits’ is finally back again. The show which was on a mid-season break has returned. The show is now at a stage where the characters are re-evaluating themselves. The departure of Jessica Pearson has put the show in a  new light with numerous possibilities and the theories shall start rolling again.

As it Stands:-

The episode wasn’t a typical episode as such. As much as I’d like to review and criticise, one must have expected this. Jessica Pearson left (previous episode) Pearson Specter Litt and the most cliched theory was Ross returning. Sure, that might still happen but the show is taking or at least trying to take a non-cliched route. To be honest, Mike Ross taking up classes was unexpected and Anita Gibbs isn’t going to let his job search in a legal clinic be any smooth.

Harvey and Louis have a decision to make on who would be in charge. That decision may have been made by Louis’s erratic behaviour. The return of Katria Bennett is a welcome scene from me as I always loved her character. Rachel has been rewarded for her loyalty to Pearson Specter Litt by Louis.

Emotions running strong:-

The show messes with us in the beginning as they show Donna and Harvey finally getting together. Unfortunately, this was just a trick by the writers in the form of Harvey’s dream. Donna also tells Harvey to sort out his ‘mother’ issues and not rely too much on his family (the firm). Louis has one side of his life going great, with Tara of course. The other? Not so much. His assistant, on the other hand, is one brilliant character while Donna was just being her awesome self.


Harvey ripped Louis apart. Photo:- usanetwork

The episode was pretty much like this. It was basically an attempt to open several new routes into the story line for each character. There isn’t much of predictability being shown as of now and the next episodes might make it a bit easier to understand where things are going. How did you find this episode of Suits? If you haven’t watched it already then please do. We are expecting some interesting lines. Will Mike be a teacher or get back into law? Stay hooked.