Rock music is brilliance, sheer magnificence that is defined by the synchronisation of individuals more than anything. The tempo is not automated by an electronic gadget as we see in certin genres and the riffs can get one going. This rock playlist is an initiative from us and we plan to make it every Sunday. The playlist will have 10 songs every week giving you rock fans a mix of tracks both old and not-so-old. If you are fortunate enough, you may even find a hidden gem. 

Playlist Details:-

1. Oasis – Don’t look back in anger

Oasis has been a band worth embedding in memory and this track does justice to their talent.

2. Tesla – Little Suzi

I’m not sure how many of you’ll have heard of Tesla. Now would be a good time to start though. Switching from acoustics to rock, this song is amazing.

3. AC/DC – You shook me all night long

If there is an AC/DC song that makes you feel like jumping then it’s this one. It’s gives me happiness when I listen to it.

4. Green Day – East Jesus Nowhere

One of the unheard Green Day songs? This song kills it with the style slightly unusual for what Green Day usual composes.

5. Foo Fighters – Walk

The song which gave them insane attention at the Grammy’s! This song is a personal favorite and might be yours too.


An AC/DC concert is breathtaking.

6. Audioslave – Be yourself

Wait for the brilliant solo lying in store for you midway.

7. Nickelback – Rockstar

A song with funny lyrics and awesome vocals, well, his vocals have always been good but this track is one to definitely add to your collection.

8. Three Days Grace – I hate everything about you

It’s nice to love a song about hate. Ironic but true.

9. Bullet for My Valentine – Road to Nowhere

Its pretty mellow for a BFMV song but wait till they shit gears.

10. Skillet – Awake and Alive

This song is Christian Rock but one doesn’t have to take it in that way at all. No one will even know so unless they read this or have read a bit about Skillet.