Last year, Supergirl was that show that had so much potential, but somehow just kept missing out on being truly good. This year, Supergirl is a show that suddenly has gone through a metamorphosis. And for the better. Supergirl has taken on itself to take on issues that matter to the world in the middle of all superhero drama. While it largely succeeds, it is not without its hiccoughs. “Changing” was no exception.

If I had to analyze “Changing”, it would have to be in 3 parts.

  1. The villain.
  2. Alex’s arc.
  3. How to be a hero 101.

So let’s do that!

1. The Villain :

“Changing” takes upon itself to tell us story of yet another classic superman villain. And on that, it largely succeeds. The reason behind that is that they worked on the host of the villain, giving him actual motivation and some sort of an arc. And that is something Superflarrowverse villains are very short on usually. Kudos for the nice nod to John Carpenter’s The Thing as well!


The inclusion of Global warming in the story, while not perfect, was done well enough to let the villain not be just another ” monster”. Though in the end, unfortunately he was dealt just like one. What is more, the way Kara got rid of him is seriously stupid, gotta agree with Alex there. SO much, I need to deduct half point at least just for that. YOU DO NOT TAKE THAT RISK, PERIOD.

2. Alex’s arc :

While most of us are vastly relieved by the fact that they dropped the Kara-Jimmy thing, and proceeding with much more caution and refinement with Mon, I am not really sure this is something all of us are liking or even want. I mean, I like Alex a lot, and I feel it is great to see him outside her designated place of Sister/DEO agent. But the amount of space given to her arc and her pondering on her sexuality might be to much for some.


That being said, I felt the episode did very well on approaching the issue of her sexuality. “Changing” was a major step for Alex in her personal life, and kudos to the writers for writing “the coming out” rocess so well”. All 3 characters involved here did very nice work, but really, Chyler ( Alex) and Melissa were seriously awesome in their home genre, drama. Melissa especially shined for me. Speaking of which, drunk Kara, ADORABLE!

3. How to be a hero 101:

Kara was born to be a hero.You can see it every time she is on screen that it is her Raison d’être. “Changing” is the story of two people, for whom it is not.

First, let’s talk about Mon.

We don’t know much about Mon’s past on Daxam, but for the prince to chose him to be the last survivor of Daxam, he mus have been one brave soldier. ( or is it yet another love angle?) However, it is not part of Mon’s character to be the one that everyone else needs, always. Last episode did very well in showing us that it is impossible to mold him into what Kara is. And this was capitalized in “changing” to show Mon taking the easy path.

Chris Wood is an inspired cast for the character that they are shaping. And again, Chris’ Mon was one of the highlights of the episode. His arc feels unhurried and so well done. It is completely believable to see him rise to the occasion and be the hero that the city needed. And his future ( which I can bet is gonna get a lot murky before it gets good again) will feel just as organic, I feel. I will wait eagerly for that.

Also, double points for recreating this iconic superman moment!



I am sorry, but Jimmy and the news paper arc is the extra bit of skin that hangs around your fingernail. It is there, you don’t want t. But it just keeps coming back every time you hope it is gone.  While Mon is a good example on how to create a hero. Jimmy is one of HOW NOT TO CREATE A HERO. It makes no sense why jimmy would not feel even a little bit of self worth on heading an influential international publication.

His desire to be a vigilante seems to come out of no where and forced. It makes even less sense to see him fight so well against a monster that Supergirl and  MM struggled against, when he got beat up by thugs last week.Wynn’s desire to help him while breaking all the rules at his new job makes no sense at all too. maybe if they had spent more episodes on this, I don’t know. 🙁


But then do I want more Jimmy whinnying? Nope. And whine he does. Unlike Mon, he doesn’t seem like someone who finally accepts the responsibilities that come with powers. Nor does he have the innate desire to be there on the street like Kara. he just looks like a kid who is not allowed in the play group and will pay to make it happen. Him suggesting that if he doesn’t get his suit, Kara may die, just fees ridiculous. AND HIGHLY FORCED.

Seriously dear Superflarrow people, NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE A PHYSICAL SUPERHERO.

In the other matters of importance…

A major event happened with our Green and White martians this week. This definitely suggests they do not want to keep Megan’s secret much longer. It will be very interesting to see what this ” event” results in. It cannot leave our Green Martian with no after effects. I bet on memories!


There was no CatCo, and that meant no sudden jarring change of pace or the vaguely left issue of how Kara can be at work when she is out most of the time. And that helped “Changing” a lot!


Supergirl : "Changing" review - "Who deserves to be a hero?"
  All in all, this was a good character/drama driven episode that did a decent job with a classic villain. The villain was relatively well done, the arcs of Alex's sexuality and Mon's path to be a hero were done very well. Mon, Kara and Alex were the episodes high points IMO. However, the clumsy execution of final battle could have been avoided. And come on! Someone make Jimmy what he should be, not this nonsense!  Though I must say, ANYTHING is better than the so called "Mr. Terrific" on arrow, lol. AT the end of the day, this was yet another solid episode by this strong sophomore year of Supergirl, albeit MUCH MORE DRAMA DRIVEN THAN SOME MIGHT PREFER.
Thumbs Up
  • Brilliant works by Chris Wood, Melissa and Chyler.
  • Mon's arc to be a hero, and Alex's personal arc
  • Decently done villain
Thumbs Down
  • Jimmy, once again 🙁
  • The conclusion of the battle
82%Overall Score
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