So it’s a new day and a new episode as Supergirl (the series) deals with something DEVASTATING. The loss of SuperTyler. “Welcome to Earth” takes on that by welcoming some new characters. Question is, did it work? Let’s see!

1) President Olivia Marsdin :

DCTVU has always had this habit of using alumni of previous adventures. Something that we the fans have always loved. hell, even Smallville used 1 previous Supergirl, 1 previous Lois Lane, 1 Lana Lang and 2 previous Superman in significant roles. However, for the roll of the female president, there could have been no better choice than Ms. Lynda Carter and it shows. I would have been ecstatic for a cameo role by her only, but nope. Not only does President Marsdin have a big role, she is deeply connected with the central arc of season 2 – Xenophobia.

Lynda Carter has known Hilary Clinton for a long time personally, and she seemed to be channeling her a lot. “Welcome to Earth” managed to make the most of her appearance to create the side opposite to CADMUS – The Alien Amnesty act. Which, I am sure is gonna lead to some sort of Alien registration act too. This was one of the times when I wished that DCEU and DCTVU were connected. While AoS can directly delve on Sokovia accords from Civil war, Supergirl can’t use MoS and BvS to establish the mood of public, it will need to do it by itself. The same way, movies can not leave some stuff for tv series. Something which “Welcome to Earth” failed to achieve. Well, we have  more episodes, I guess.

Lynda Carter had great chemistry with Melissa though. And Melissa certainly did her best to fangirl all over the place, lol. Marsdin and Martian Manhunter played off well with each other too. Another plus point, Marsdin’s characters seems to have secrets like everyone else. which makes her interesting. Kudos to writers for a good addition!

President Marsdin SPOILERS:


So, if u have seen “Welcome to Earth“, then u know that the president is non – human! It is very hard to say now, but one likely hood is that she might be Cyborg Supergirl. her burnt skin is a good indicator. At any rate, her plan is certainly not as white as it seems on surface. What she is doing, is as likely to worsen the situation of aliens as it is to improve it. While we are here, I must save Jeremiah Danvers is a good candidate for Cyborg Superman too! They have already said ” What might CADMUS have done to Jeremiah”. Hank Henshaw, who is supposed to be Cyborg Superman, is dead. and martian has taken over his identity, so might be cool move to make Hank’s partner Cyborg Superman.Plus that would mean Dean Cain wearing the iconic Red and blue again!

2) Maggie Sawyer:


A notable character from DC comics, Maggie is best known for Batwoman’s lover. Here, she is a street smart cop who has her world deeply entrenched in the secret lives of aliens on earth. TBH, if we remove her from the episode, it would not have really mattered much, but character was ok, I guess. She has good chemistry with both Kara and Alex, which is good. I also suspect they are setting her up for a relationship with Alex Danvers. I would prefer them as work partners, but if done well, i have no problem as their chemistry is certainly good.

3) Mon-El :


The story of the mysterious stranger Kara found in that pod was solved this week and it was done well enough.Chris Wood did well enough as the Daxamite, but he pales in comparison with Tyler’s brilliant Kal-El. He felt more like routine CW heartthrobs than a superhero, but hey, at least he is better than Jimmy as Kara’s potential love interest, if they go for it. ( UGHHHHHHH) For now, I will say a character with potential. A potential Romeo to Kara’s Juliet. Weird to name him Mon-El here though. In comics, Mon has no memory and Kal-El assumes that he is a Kryptonian. Here, Mon has his memory so should have a Daxamite name

4) ****** ****** (SPOILER):

We do get to meet yet another big character in “Welcome to Earth“, but I would rather give u a chance to meet them first hand. If not, continue with this paragraph. M’gann M’orzz, AKA Miss Martian finally makes an entry on the show, and that is another good potential arc. Don’t be fooled by what u saw .
(SPOILERS SPOILERS for future episodes ahead) Miss Martian is ACTUALLY a White martian. You know, the monster that came last season and almost killed J’onn? The species that destroyed his species? However she is definitely a heroine. In fact now we have almost all people here to make a LIVE ACTION YOUNG JUSTICE!

With so many big superheroes in place, this was bound to be an action filled episodes…

Speaking of action of “Welcome to Earth”…

While I did like the choreography and the special effects of it, this side “Welcome to Earth” had some major issues.


  1. the show concentrated on the looks of battles so much that they fell into an old trap that Flarrowverse has sufered a lot. Poorly structured villains. This week’s villain, Scorcher, ended up being nothing but a special effects extravaganza. they were good, mind you. But we don’t even know the characters’s name, much less the motivations or anything else.
  2. there were some humongous tactical errors  in defending the president, which were plain stupid.

All in all, flashy but shallow action, which could have been so much more.

One thing was as out of place on “Welcome to earth” as ever though…

The CatCo side:

The CatCo side fails to hold its weight on this otherwise highly improved second season. Despite addition of Snapper Carr, exit of Cat Grant has hurt the show a lot. As bad as CatCo was last year, the fantastic chemistry between Melissa and Calista always helped. And it always worked hard on something Supergirl feels proud about – feminism. Jimmy Olsen feels no more ready to be the boss than he was as Kara’s BF. The whole thing sticks out like a thumb and feels entirely forced. Made me wish i could just fast forward this.

In Conclusion:

I frankly missed SuperTyler a lot. LIKE A LOT, A LOT. “Welcome to Earth ” did mange to introduce to us 4 new charaters well enough. With some sparkling action and damned good chemistry between the actors, “Welcome to Earth”did more than just manage to hold on it’s own. Was it perfect? NO. Was it entertaining ? YES. Did it manage to set up multiple good arcs for the upcoming season well? YES. However, another ruined one dimensional villain and borefest of CatCo managed to drag the episode down a lot for me too. Still, A “VERY GOOD” episode at 85%

Supergirl S02E03 "Welcome to Earth" REVIEW: A Missed Opportunity
With some sparkling action and damned good chemistry between the actors, "Welcome to Earth"did more than just manage to hold on it's own.
Thumbs Up
  • President Marsdin, Mon-El and ***** *****
  • Great special effects and action choreography
  • Great chemistry between actors
Thumbs Down
  • Another forgettable villain
  • Another wasted day at CatCo
  • Missed opportunity to show response of people to aliens.
85%Overall Score
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