With all the effects of SuperHoechlin behind us ( How I miss it!), Supergirl is now on on its own. Did “Survivors” sank or swam? Let’s find out!

This was a character heavy episode from Supergirl this week. 7 characters’ story was told this week, and largely speaking that part worked for me. This episode did a lot to establish 4 couplings this week. Some worked, some didn’t for me.


Martian Manhunter – Miss Martian :

This was an episode that certainly delved heavily into our planetary neighbors. And while i have no complaints from the actors, I felt the writers did not do a good enough job here. I get that J’onn has been left in the cold for so long now, but they went into this relationship too hard, too fast. M’gann’s motivations in the episodes did not gel well either, however, by the time they do make the final reveal this part had recovered a bit. I really wish they could have had an episode or two of more moments between these two before taking on this story. However, really good job on M’gann’s “SURVIVORS’ GUILT” and the why of it. On the other hand, exposing this side of Miss Martian allows us more time with her arc, so that is good.

Alex and Maggie :

If anyone was still wondering if they were going for a romance between these two, this episode certainly made the writers intentions clear. Again, the whole thing felt a bit forced. Alex did a lot of things that I have trouble believing that she would. And what is more, no one even called her up on that. However, Chemistry between Chyler and Floriana is VERY good, making this work it. This, I feel, is worth looking forward to.

Kara and Mon :

This week, Mon got the chance to spread his wings. And man, Chris Wood took the full advantage of it. I felt they are not using the potential of the “Romeo and Juliet” component of this coupling properly. But really, Chris Wood’s charm more than covered for this week. I will take this chance to voice this concern. Must say, I am less than happy with Melissa’s Kara this year. I think she is stuck in this role a bit. There is just not enough growth in her. charterer wise, her Supergirl was the weakest point this week. Fortunately, Chris did more than cover for her, and again, this coupling gets a thumbs up from me.

Mon and Wynn :

While this might not be a romantic coupling, this BroTP soared very high for me. This allowed Mon to show off his Daxam side, and was fun every single moment it was on screen. These two have an off the charts chemistry between them as bros, better than even Barry and Cisco. And I for one, am looking forward to much more of this!vlcsnap-2016-11-02-18h20m20s080

I will take this moment to reiterate this. Gotta say, I am LOVING what they did with Wynn this year. I liked him anyway last year. But the move to the department has been great for him, as well as the dropping off of his love interest in Kara. He is a great supporting character and I hope they show more of him this year.

That all said, the biggest part of “Survivors” was…


(still not sure on this, can I talk about this or not? They need to clear this alien’s rights issue soon!)

This was a great chance for them to show off some fantastic battles for the show, and unfortunately, they did not do make it work as they could have. Whatever u say about arrow, their hand to hand battles have been good to excellent, and borrowing director from Arrow should have helped Survivors”. It didn’t. I assume that is because large part of it depends on special effect. Anyways, the action was average, the special effects were subpar. The story did not make enough sense. resolution was shaky as hell.


What is worse, Dichen Lachman’s stint as Roulette was less than satisfactory too. Man, they certainly missed out on an actress that gave us a brilliant Jiaying  in Agents of Shield s02. Other than looking hot oin red dresses, there was little for her to do IMO. I liked SMallville’s Roulette episode way more TBH. This was just , DRY.


Speaking of DRY, there is one side of Supergirl that continuously fails to fly high.

CatCo :

At this juncture, I am pained by this section. thankfully, we didn’t see Jimmy this time, which is always a plus. But the Kara- Carr interactions were just a repeat of last week, that were repeated again in Survivors” and then repeated again. Mind u, I liked how Snapper mentioned some essential component of reporting, but it again felt jarring to the flow of episode and Kara comes across as stupid repeatedly. Highly unsatisfied here. next week, we get Jimmy Olsen as ” Guardian” and I don’t fell this is gonna be any better either. 🙁

In Conclusion :


Supergirl S02E04 "Survivors" Review (Mild Spoilers) : Four couplings and A Fight Club.
This episode of supergirl, worked mainly because of the actors and characters. While I wish, some of them had been done a bit differently, most of them made the episode enjoyable. However, a weak villain and kinda meh Fight club ruins what it could have been. CatCo department is not helping either. While this was a good episode, Supergirl is capable of much more than this.
80%Overall Score
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