With the debut of Netflix’ Luke cage, premier of new seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Arrow, Flash and now finally Supergirl, the season of 2017’s superhero tv shows has kick-started. Supergirl season 2 premiered on October 10, 2016.

This review contains some mild spoiler

Supergirl season 2’s promotions gathered a lot of media attention this time around for the addition of a new peculiar element in the season. That’s right, its Superman. It was speculated that big guns of DC comics such as Superman and Batman will never see the light of day on small screen, specially since the DC films are having their own version of these characters, portrayed by different actors. During the development of Suicide Squad movie, the tv show Arrow’s version of Suicide Squad was also scrapped. But new season of Supergirl has put a stop to all those theories. What more? Gotham was also referenced in the premier episode, hinting a possibility of Batman existing in the DC tv-verse. Now lets get started with the review.



Superman’s debut remains the highlight of the episode, a lot of screentime and focus is given to the character with actual involvement in the storyline. A subplot of sort is also established between Superman and Martian Manhunter, which increases the possibility that superman won’t just have a tie-in cameos in some episode but he will actually have an active involvement. When it comes to the character, this iteration of superman is nowhere close to the dark and brooding version of Zack Snyder’s superman. This superman is characteristically a lot similar to the cheerful and bright tv version of Supergirl. It also tends to adapt the traits of definitive comic book version of superman. He is silly as Clark Kent, he saves people with a smile and even winks at them when he takes off. And yes, he does talk(which apparently Zack Snyder doesn’t prefer with his version). [Spoiler starts] However, one thing that bothered me about this superman is how he opposes the idea of having some spare kryptonite in the possession of Manhunter to neutralize the bad kryptonion or in case Superman or supergirl go berserk. This Superman sees it just as a threat. Because, comic book fans would be aware that in books, Superman actually gives a krytonite ring to Batman himself in case he turns evil. [Spoiler ends].

Although i personally never quite saw Tyler Hoechlin as Superman. He played the role of superman well. Heres hoping that he grows on me in a couple of episodes.



Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl is, as she was(in a positive way) in the last season. Supergirl’s cheesy and awkward teen-romance subplot continues in the season aswell. And she will probably go on and off romantically with a lot of people as the show progresses, as is the trademark of all CW’s superhero shows. The dynamic between Supergirl and Superman is likable as a duo. The episodes brings a little change in the status quo of Supergirl aswell, just like Clark Kent, she will now be a reporter instead of an assistant of Cat Grant.

This brings me to the Superman analogy that this show is trying to establish for the Supergirl. Alarmingly, everything in supergirl universe is a lot like feminised version of superman. We have Cat Grant for Perry white,¬† James Olsen for Jimmy Olsen, Lucy Lane for Lois Lane and now season 2 also debuted Leena Luthor for Lex Luthor. And now Supergirl’s alter-ego is also a news reporter like Clark Kent.



The pacing is good. Flow and execution of the story is similar to the previous season. We can expect a lot of over the top things, soap opera elements and some cheesy romance. If you are already okay with all those things from season 1, you can look forward to the show to introduce some interesting villains and characters. Metallo was also teased at the end of the episode. Like previous season CGI has a good  standard for the TV budget.


Supergirl debuts a jolly and cheerful version of Superman. The duo shares a good team dynamic. With the introduction of a subplot between Superman and Martian Manhunter, it appears that Superman will play an active role in the whole season. The show suffers from some of same issues as most of the CW’s superhero shows does: soap opera and awkward romance between characters. The show also brings a new status quo for supergirl. But altogether the premier kicks the second season of Supergirl in a positive way and with the presence of superman a lot of interesting mythos, villains and stories of Superman universe can now be explored.


Supergirl Season 2 Premiere REVIEW: The Good And The Bad
Music & Sound Effects76%
Cinematography & Special Effects78%
Thumbs Up
  • Superman
  • Dynamic between Superman and Supergirl
  • Good set up of plot
Thumbs Down
  • Awakward romance
  • Soap opera elements
  • Alarming resemblance between supergirl and superman's universe
79%Overall Score
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