Supergirl remains, by far the strongest show on CW’s superhero side this year. And with the mid season finale just 2 episodes away, they need to get all their ducks in the line. “The darkest place” managed that, but not without a few stutters.

1. Kara vs Cadmus :

This was the week Cadmus finally came out of the shadow and took on Kara head on. While they won heavy inside “The darkest place”, they had a few missteps from my PoV. Lilian is what just doesn’t really gel for me. We finally get her back story for why she is doing this, and I felt we could even take that as a continuation of an alternate “Smallville”, the actress just can’t sell the part. She just seems evil for sake of evil and doesn’t seems convinced of her own motivations.

Lillian, however, is becoming the bigger threat than the Astra club last year, that is for sure. She managed to bamboozle Kara and Mon across the board and managed to get what she wanted. I was very surprised that the Fortress doesn’t have a second security measure, and even the way access was gain was weird, but OK. This should definitely be setting up the midseason finale pretty well!

2. The return of Hank Henshaw :

Well, I was thinking of Dean Cain as the cyborg Superman, but well, they went for the classic choice of making Hank the Cyborg Superman. And man, HE WIPED THE FLOOR WITH KARA. He seems to be Cadmus’ ace in the hole and I am sure Kara will have to take on him multiple times. And it looks to be a good match up. David Harewood did a really good job in his alternate self, will be glad to see more of him.


However, something again is bothersome.

3. Name matters:

Supergirl is recycling every single of Superman baddies, makes u wonder who SuperTyler has been battling for the last decade or so, lol. Mostly, the transition had been fine though, but this week, they hit a major issue. Why would the guy call himself Cyborg Superman? In the comics, Hank copies Superman’s external appearance to take his place for nefarious reasons after his death, with his body mimicking the injuries that Doomsday gave Superman, with the Cyborg part supposedly reviving him. However, no such arc is there. Plus the guy genuinely hates Superman. If it was Dean Cain who became Cyborg superman, that would have been fine. Cadmus could have brainwashed him into thinking he is the real deal or something. Plus, fans would love to see Dean Cain back in the iconic colors.


makes little sense to call this guy “Cyborg Superman”.

Maybe they could have Tyler again or something, then reveal he was using a hologram to foll people or something? Would have loved the suit at least.


This is same as the Mon El. He can’t have “El” in his name. That name was given to him by kal El, when he impacted earth memory less. Mon for Monday, El because Kal assumed he was a Kryptonian. 🙁

Speaking of Mon, the romance arc had a lot of development this week…

4. Kara- Mon (Kaon? Mara? Karamon?)

“The darkest place” had some solid dramatic moment between these two in captivity and as always, Chris and Melissa shone in their home genre. This is one of the better romance set up that SuperFlarrow verse has done, ( probably the only good one IMO) and I hope they can continue it well, unlike stuff like Ollicity. ( UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

The chemistry between these two is great and they are working really well on creating a hero out of Mon, which fits really well with the arc of Kara falling from him. It is a far departure from the rather unbelievable way Kara seemed to be falling for Jimmy in season. And can’t believe I am about to say this, but Thank u, CW!


And Chris Wood is just killing it with his wry sense of humor.

Speaking of creating heroes…

5. The Guardian :

Seriously man, WHY IS HE HERE? It feels like they wanted to do this with Diggle on arrow, (he was named Guardian, remember?) but could’t. And someone just went, hey, let’s use that! The story , the mode, the character, all seem entirely unnecessary , forced and foreign to Supergirl. Wynn constantly helping the guy makes no sense. How does he even do it? It is just weird. Why would he just not let DEO handle this? he is doing the same thing there too. Jimmy continues to be the “meh” thing that Supergirl cant’t get rid of.

The meh arc this week and poor villain he had to face did not help either. One can say he is a better Guardian than Diggle, but that is just very low hanging fruit.


At this point, Jimmy and the whole CatCo feels just like Barnacles on this ship. Maybe a cleaning is needed. 🙁

6. The martian conundrum : MM’s “The darkest place”

Gotta say though that I am really loving the way they are handling the dynamics and chemistry between our two martians! I am, however, not completely sold on White Martian’s blood turning Green Martian into white thing though. I assume He will turn full white in the mid season finale, and Megan will have to help take him down. They might find a drug to convert him back and Megan even might try it, I feel.


That slightly off arc aside, I really loved the scenes between these two this week and the resultant battle. full marks to Megan actress in this episode, the best that “The darkest place” had to offer IMO.

7. The Alex dilemma :

I understand that many people do not want this arc in the series, but I feel Chyler Leigh more than makes up for it by some really good acting. Mind you, I am interested and invested enough in this to see how far it goes. I hope they don’t ruin it by dragging drama too much.


Supergirl : "The Darkest Place" Spoilery REVIEW - The tale of two Henshaws.
"the darkest place" was a mixed bag for me. Some really fine acting by cast and good action were hampered by a somewhat problematic Cyborg superman and again a very meh Jimmy Olsen. Still, Supergirl continues to stay strong in CW SuperFlarrow verse and we can look forward to a good mid season finale here!
The Good
  • The martians, Mon-Kara and Alex
  • Cyborg superman has potential
  • some good arcs looming ahead
The bad & the ugly
  • Super meh Jimmy
  • Lillian still not geling well, despite being threatening enough.
  • DIcey choices in some places
77%Overall Score
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