So, the second episode  in the Saga of super cousins is out and it is time to make a verdict on the new Superman. Well, there will always be a difference of opinion among us geek, but this is what I feel, and I think most people who did watch the show will agree. So in the review of “The Last Children of Krypton”, lets take on the most important question first.


While I do like MCU’s single universe concept more, DCEU does allow us to have more than one version of the same character. And before we see the Flash one that we all probably think will be fine, we got the second variant of the most controversial guy in DCEU – SUPERMAN.

And I am glad to say that Tyler is AMAZING as Superman. It doesn’t matter if u like the man of Steel version or not. If you give this guy a fair chance, you will end up loving him. This is a version that is far more matched to the Quintessential Richard Donner version than we have seen recently. A version much closer to a lighter version that Silver age had. Berlanti and Co. have said that this is the version that they grew up with. And I must say, they succeeded.

But Tyler Hoechlin, in his own words , grew up with the Dean Cain version of Superman/Clark. And he did not brush up on old superman movies to hold onto the version Berlanti and co. wanted. Result is a brilliant amalgam of Richard Donner Superman that meets Dean Cain’s Clark that meets with New 52 type of young superman, and the result is JUST BRILLIANT. ( For me they are the best Superman and Clark) TBH, This is already my favorite Clark and has potential to be my favorite Supes too!


You said it, boy!

To those who absolutely LOVE Cavill’s version, I say that give this guy a chance. This is an alternate universe. You can enjoy both. 😀


There is this moment where a thug shoots bullets at Superman, and then tries punching him, not only Superman’s response to it is PRICELESS, it is a NICE nod to the George Reeves era. I wish though that the goon had thrown the gun at Supes, that would have been a DREAM nod.

Anyways, let’s talk about the episode – “The Last Children of Krypton” itself.

The episode began on an excellent note with a nice little team up that mirrored superman’s Silver age era. And the chemistry between Kara and Clark was of the chart. Frankly, 5 mins in the show, and I wanted Superman to either to stay with the show or get his own. I mean, been years since Smallville is over. However, that can’t happen . 🙁

In fact, some bad news for fans, Tyler is actually NOT SCHEDULED FOR A SINGLE ADDITIONAL EPISODE. I am sure though, that seeing the response he is getting, we will get some more.

Anyways, episode had to deal with this issue of Superman not being able to stay on here, and it did that very well. The writers had a NICE twist for us in Metallo, which achieved this target beautifully. I did not like the way first 5 mins of the twist was played out, but the rest was done very well. And it gave Tyler a chance to show that he is more than just a happy-go-lucky, charming Superman. We get to see his vulnerable and angry side, which added a nice depth to his character , just in his second episode.

One thing played a very important role in this though…

Superman – Martian Manhunter relationship :

The writers deviated a lot from the standard, but it worked because it actually fits better with this version of Martian Manhunter, who is hell bent on saving his adopted home world at all cost and is super-paranoid. they both had nice chemistry, and Tyler was awesome as the rarely seen Icy side of Supes came up. And then writers finished that off with a brilliantly written moment in The Fortress, that actually used this situation to heal the situation and have a really emotional scene at the same time.

will also take one moment to appreciate that this show is not afraid to call MM by his proper comics name, lol.

Speaking of relationship, this episode also took on itself to deal with a triangle:

Superman – Supergirl – Alex triangle: 


The dynamics between Alex and Kara were always be tested with Clark in town. Writers did an excellent job on this though. They managed to get everyone’s perspective on point in this. The trio delivered good performance on this sticky situation, with a nice little assist from Winn. I must say, Winn seems much more comfortable in his new role this season and I think he is gonna be a valuable member to the show, much like Flash season 1 Cisco.

While we great this, I must talk about how well they handled Kara and Superman in “The Last Children of Krypton”. There was no sexist work division, and yet, no aggressive ” Kara can do it all” vibe. They played off each other’s strength and made the best team up that DCTVU has had. Their chemistry was the icing on the cake. neither overshadowed the other, which gets the bonus points. And the fact that Alex was still relevant… AWESOME! I love how good Chyler Leigh is as Alex. She is the best non powered best friend/sibling that DCEU has created.

Anyways, a Superhero show like this is almost always about the battles and that is one part that this episode had to nail won.

Speaking of action and special effects…

I am very impressed with them this season, especially with a reduced budget that the show has to deal with due to move to CW. The action scenes were top notch though. And battles were well choreographed. The good guys had their own twist and episode nailed it there. Could there have been more? For TV, I don’t think so. They also managed to do a decisive resolution to the issue in a emphatic way, which Supergirl had problems with last year ( the Flash cross over comes to mind, UGHHHH )

However, As much I loved “The Last Children of Krypton”, it was NOT without it’s own trouble.

There were some major changes at the CatCo, which I can’t really go into without spoiling. I will say this though, Calista Flockhart was ON FIRE in this episode as Cat, and her scene with Kara was brilliant. What I don’t like is the direction that they are heading now.

Well, AT least we got Snapper Carr, and I must say, loved where THAT is going.

Another negative for me still is the Cadmus side, which just doesn’t feel well written. There is still time though. Last year, the biggest issue SG had was poorly built, one dimensional villains. They lost one good one halfway, and it cost them. “The Last Children of Krypton” did well on its own on this front, but I hope Cadmus has much more development to come. While the Cadmus angle is a nice nod to what MoS is about, it and it’s mysterious leader needs more substance.

The last but not least is JIMMY OLSEN. Even with very little time on screen, he pisses me off. I must say it is an impressive feat to write Olsen like this – Felicity Season 4’s capacity to irritate plus Season 5 Diggle’s uselessness. I do not like where his character is heading either.

Also, while I did like what they did with Metallo, i feel they could have written the confrontation 1 better.

So, in conclusion of this discussion on “The Last Children of Krypton”

Supergirl is off to a a great start on CW. The whole cats seems more confident and despite the lower budget, production quality improved. While I think AoS put out an over all better episode, Tyler’s Superman takes all my points this week. Aided by good performance with almost everyone on cast and good writing, Melissa and Tyler gave Supergirl its best episode till now. Only problem is, now without Superman, the show will have to find its feet again. That is not helped by some other development that might harm the show a lot. ( spoilers!!!)

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Supergirl "The Last Children of Krypton" Spoiler Free REVIEW: Awesome Episode With Big Heart
Aided by good performance with almost everyone on cast and good writing, Supergirl S02E02 is the best episode till date
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Cinematography & Special Effects94%
Entertainment Value94%
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