Recent reports have emerged citing that Warner Bros. have plans for a live-action adaptation of Mark Millar’s Superman : Red Son. In a twitter exchange between Kong : Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Mark Millar, it seemed Warner Bros. have invested a lot of thoughts into this live-action adaptation.

Superman : Red Son

Millar’s Red Son is a three-issue comic book mini-series published by DC Comics under their ‘Elseworlds’ imprint in 2003. In an alternate reality, Kal-El’s pod lands in Ukraine, then under Soviet Union, rather than in Kansas. The Red Son mini-series deals with a very different Superman, who instead of fighting for truth, justice and the American way fights for socialism, Stalin and the Warsaw Pact. Millar’s Red Son run raised a very abstract question; does the presence of a hero changes the environment or does the environment affects the hero? The comic book also has a diverse array of popular characters from DC Comics. From Wonder Woman to a Russian Batman, the story explores the impact of an alien upbringing on our beloved heroes. Most of the story line exists in the Cold War era, apart from the epilogue, which exists in the distant future. Upon its release, Superman : Red Son was met with critical acclaim and record-breaking sales. Millar was nominated for the Eisner Award in 2004 in the best limited series category.

Red Son

The release of Wonder Woman, which was met with universal acclaim finally brought some much needed stability to the current DC Extended Universe. Induction of Red Son Superman into the extended universe might sound intriguing, but is it necessary at this stage? Establishing the popular characters must be given paramount importance before indulging in alternate stories. Though DC Comics has produced some breathtaking alternate universes, a live-action adaptation at such a nascent stage seems unnecessary.

The success of DC Animated Universe should be able to sway the decision from live-action to animation. Owing to the success of Justice League : Gods and Monsters of the animated universe, an animated adaptation of Millar’s iconic Superman : ┬áRed Son can rank among the best movies DCAU has produced.