Quentin Tarantino’s next film will be based on the infamous Manson family murders. The director has supposedly finished script for the project and is on the lookout for A-List stars. The movie revolves around the Manson murders back in 1969, when Charles Manson and his followers broke into a house in Los Angeles and attacked its inhabitants. This involved the killing of actress Sharon Tate, also wife of famed director Roman Polanski. The actress was eight months pregnant and was stabbed brutally by one of the followers. In ’71, Manson and his crew were sentenced to life imprisonment for this and several other members that they committed that summer. While complete script details have not been revealed, talk is it revolves around the Manson-Tate incident mostly. This will be the first time the director will be making a film based on true events. His movies are known to have strong female characters and this project will probably have Tate as one. While the casting for the film is still in process, rumors are Margot Robbie will be playing Tate in the film. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence are also supposedly in talks for the project.


Tarantino likely to cast Margot for Sharon Tate’s role | photo : nme.com

The director is known to have a great mind when it comes to screenplay and has even won the Oscar for it twice, for Pulp Fiction(1994) and Django Unchained(2013). His approach to the excessive use of violence and dialogue is unique and highly appreciated in the Hollywood community.  This project makes it Tarantino’s ninth and second last project. The director has previously told that he would like to make only ten movies in his career and leave a legacy that way.