Taylor Swift has an upcoming album “Reputation” and what we have so far is a disaster. “Look What You Made Me Do”, uploaded on YouTube a day ago, is a perfect example of the worst that modern pop has to offer. Heck, even Justin Bieber’s new songs look good in comparison. You can torture your ears with the video below:

What’s Wrong With It?

For starters, the song is filled with ‘cringe’ from the word Go! The beats are monotonous, the synthesised beats are overused, the chord pattern is common as usual and the chorus doesn’t even qualify to count as lyrics. The lyrics look like they took just two minutes to cook up, but to make matters worse, this song will be overplayed for weeks to come. Like Taylor Swift once said, “Everything Has Changed!”

I do however understand if people would find it ‘catchy’ because of the beats and so called ‘lyrics’ but to each his own. Nonetheless, the quality of pop is deteriorating to monotonous lyrics, intentionally repetitive sounds to brainwash listeners into liking songs they actually don’t.