Even in 21st Century, the concept of clean drinking water is a new concept for people living in remote corners of the world. For them, obtaining the water itself is a huge achievement. It doesn’t help either when large-scale industries are generating unusable waster water filled with toxic chemicals and releasing it into open ecosystem. Only a small portion of Earth’s water is fit for drinking and so rampant misuse by industries followed by unavailability of safe drinking water does call for action.

Its a pity that instead of hearing this call by gigantic, billionaire companies, two teenage students from Brazil heard the dire need and came up with a revolutionary method of cleaning the waste water without use of any chemical! João Gabriel and Letícia Pereira, 18 years and 15 years respectively, participated and won in Latin America Google Science Fair that awards young scientists for innovative projects in science and technology. They have discovered a magic seed that effectively cleans polluted water.

kid sceintists

They have proved that the seeds of Moringa oleífera can be used to filter contaminated water, remove impurities, and make water drinkable again. The idea is to use the plant as an easy access alternative to remove pollution instead of using chemicals. According to the students, the idea came to them after an incident left a nearby city without clean water –

“We wanted to do something to help the ones in need after the disaster in Mariana, where a broken dam sent tons of mining residues to the rivers, and help them to filter [the] water.”

Their project, Magic Seed: Transforming Polluted Water Into Drinkable Water, has been developing since the beginning of the year. They were able to just finish it before the competition deadline. With the award, they are now in search of sponsors in order to compete in the finals of the international competition taking place in California come September.