Download or View Flash Season 3 Trailer: A brand new trailer for season 3 of The Flash has been released and asks a very important question that will be central to the overarching story line of the entire season – Flash point.

In short, Barry Allen broke the rules last season when he travelled back in time in order to save his mother from being murdered and his dad from being sent to jail. Now he has both parents, but he also created an entirely new alternate reality where everything has changed, and most importantly no one knows who he is.

The Flash Season 3 Trailer Quick Review:

In The Flash season 3 trailer, we get a quick glimpse of what we can assume is the villain of the upcoming season, Dr. Alchemy. We also catch Barry Allen attempting to explain how he went back in time and created an entirely new existence to a mega-wealthy tech-genius version of Cisco, who doesn’t even remember him.


A glimmer of hope appears when the love of his life and best friend Iris West seems to remember Barry. Iris may be the one to help Barry fix what he broke, and it’s possible that Cisco will help in technical matters.

Flash Season 3 premiere Release Date: October 4 on The CW.