1881, the English inventor Samuel Rowbotham published a 430-page book titled Zetetic Astronomy: Earth is not a Globe.

Samuel Rowbotham

Samuel Rowbotham

Well, his writings laid the foundation to “The flat earth society”.

Yes, it’s an actual society. They, still exist today. Not kidding.

The Flat Earth Society, promotes discussions and debates on what it views as the global conspiracy that the earth is a sphere. They assert that sensory observations prevail over scientific theory.

Exactly don’t believe because someone who looks smart says it, believe only what you see. America is a myth, yes, it is, because I haven’t seen it. That’s why.

According to their vice president Michael Wilmore “Through logical deduction and empirical data, we maintain that earth is flat”.

So, the Question is, to be or not to be?

Was your old geography teacher crazy or a liar?

Is earth actually flat?

The Flat Earth Map

Samuel Rowbotham claimed that the Bible and our senses supported the idea that the earth is flat and immovable. Moreover, he also argued that this argument should not be set aside for a system solely on human conjecture.

Exactly, my point, “Humans before science”.

So how do these conspiracy theorists explain that the earth is not a sphere, but flat?

The leading Flat Earth theory suggests the earth is a disc with the Arctic circle in the middle. The Antarctic is a one hundred and fifty feet tall wall of ice surrounding the rim of the planet, which prevents the ocean from spilling over the edge.

Now, I know where Trump and George R. R. Martin are getting their ideas from.

Day and Night on Flat Earth

The theory also explains our day and night cycles as the Sun and the Moon move in circled above the plane of the earth, exactly like spotlights. These celestial spotlights illuminate different portions of the planet in a 24-hour cycle.
The Earth’s gravity is also considered to be an illusion. Nothing actually falls, I mean objects don’t accelerate downwards, rather the surface of the earth accelerates upwards, powered by dark energy.

Flat earthers also maintain that the GPS devices are rigged, exactly like American elections, to make pilots think they are flying in straight lines when actually they are flying in circles.

You might say, “but what about the pictures from the space. I have seen on google, the earth looks more or less spherical to me “.

Well, when US and Russia space programs went into space, they brought back fake images. Yes, this is what the flat earth supporter’s belief. The flat earth is one of the biggest global cover-ups ever. It doesn’t matter if you have seen it on television, movies, read it in a book, to the believers it’s all a big cover-up.

Prior to space exploration, the most forceful argument for calming the earth is spherical, was a lunar eclipse. The Geometry of lunar eclipse has been understood since ancient times. When a full moon occurs in the plane of the earth’s orbit, the moon slowly moves through the earth’s shadow. Every time that shadow is seen, its edge is round and the only solid that projects a round shadow is a sphere.

Other arguments for the spherical earth, includes the way ships appears on the horizon. Then there is the fact that you can see greater distances from higher up, and also, I forgot how Sun gets lower in the sky as we move far away from the tropics.

The idea of the spherical earth first appeared in Greece in 6th century BC, through the philosopher Pythagoras. Prior to this most ancient societies believed that the earth was a flat object.

The Erdapfel

The Erdapfel

Christopher Columbus is often attributed with disproving in the flat earth when he sailed west. However, this is a popular misconception. The oldest surviving globe, The Erdapfel – designed by the German’s dates back to 1492.
But, all this doesn’t prove anything actually. In reality, it’s just a belief versus the another. Every year the membership of the Flat Earth Society adds new members to their faith. The society remains dedicated promoting Rowbotham’s ideas and try to convince skeptics.