In 2016, the African countries Djibouti, Chad, cambia held elections. The results were very much expected.

In Djibouti, the incumbent precedent Ismail Guelleh was re-elected for his fourth term.

Yes, very popular indeed.

Doctatorial Map Of Africa

Dictatorial Map Of Africa

Idriss Deby, the president of Chad is even more popular because he was elected for his Fifth term in office.

So, what’s the big issue?

Nothing for me, but for some this kind of popularity of presidents among his people is called “Third-Termism” aka leaders extending their presidential term beyond reasonable limits, often overstaying their welcome, by any means necessary.

Well, if you believe these “Third-Termism believers” as long as African countries have existed they have been plagued by rigged elections and corruptions and so called sit tight leaders aka DICTATORS.

So how exactly did the entire continent became so undemocratic?

It all started during the industrial revolution, (1876) European powers colonialized roughly 90% of Africa, drawing borders that has remained unchanged even today.Instead of rulings over their colonies directly, these European countries hired local politicians to act as their proxies. The only motive was to maintain a strong control over the population and also maintaining a constant flow of natural resources from Africa to their countries.

This created an authoritarian top down approach to governance and instilled the idea that the only legitimate way to rule is by force.

After World War 2 Africa began to decolonize and proxy leaders began to rule as the legitimate rulers of the land. But by then these leaders were largely distrusted by their people as they were seen as bad men who were faithful to the European oppressors.

Soon there were uprisings, bloody revolts and coup d’états. The continent witnessed a new wave of leaders, many of who had little or no political experience, just like Zimbabwean Prime Minister, Robert Mugabe, a former teacher and a revolutionary. Seven Years later the parliament created a special role for him combining the position of Head of state, Head of Government and the commander in chief of the army.

Love For Robert Mugabe

Love For Robert Mugabe

I would say a man getting a promotion, but other would call him a super Prime Minister aka Dictator.

It’s almost four decades, the 95-year-old Mugabe is still president.

Many of these new leaders were former military leaders just like Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang after ousting his uncle. He was the new Hero in town, people called him just and praised his humane nature.But over the years, 43 years to be exact he turned the richest country in Africa into what some consider as one of the most corrupted countries in the world.

And he was also charged with cannibalism.Today He is world’s longest serving president in the world.

Yes, blame Europe for everything who not only created a single party system but also failed miserably to prepare African nations for post-colonial autonomy.

Many countries didn’t have proper institutions for government and were left with undereducated populations.In 1960 Congo got her independence, back them the entire country had only 16 college graduates, out of a population of more than 15 million strong.

When the French left Guinea, they not only dismantle the entire government but also destroyed all paper documents available pushing the country back to stone age. Leaving new ruler with no structure and support whatsoever.

Following the age of Decolonization, most African countries bestowed total power to their top most leaders in order to handle this chaos, even when the leader was under educated and not fit for the position.

Even though colonialization is gone for more than a century, its implications still plague Africa.

Power corrupts all, Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

By rulings Africa, for decades these Super Popular Super Prime Ministers/Presidents have become excessively wealthy. Benefiting from every possible scenario and not caring about their implications. Alas , all these practices have Africa one of the poorest places to live on earth.