Adolf Hitler committed suicide, or did he?

Deep in the Argentine Jungle, archaeologists from the university of Buenos Aris stumbled upon ruined buildings etched with swastikas and littered with a collection of German coins and porcelain. Inspired by the infamous conspiracy.

Yes, the Hitler conspiracy, where people think he faked his suicide and escape into the forest of Argentina and lived happily ever after.

Declasified FBI Report

Declasified FBI Report

So, archeologist leader Daniel Schavelzon speculated that the ruins could be the remains of a Nazi hideout. He believes that half way through the second world war, the Nazi devised a secret project to build hidden shelters for their leaders on inaccessible sites, the events of defeat.

Schavelzon supports his claim of a Nazi hideout by emphasizing that the area of the jungle in which the ruins were found were completely inaccessible in 1940s and isolated from the locals. He also argues that the material used and the design of the structures are of argentine style.

The very idea that Hitler die in his bunker was brought into fresh dispute in 2009, when archeologists ran a DNA test on a skull fragment that for decades was believed of Hitler. The results showed that the skull was actually of a women’s.

Hitler Not Dead...

Hitler Not Dead…

Well, it’s still unknown whether the ruins found in Argentina was ever used by the Germans or not, but what is known that more than 9000 war criminals did escape to South America after World War 2. However, rather than having to hide shamefully in the jungles, they were welcomed into the society and offered protection from extradition by powerful Nazi sympathizers, such as the current president of Argentina Juan Peron.

Providing a safe haven for the war criminals was also a smart business opportunity, because many had access to millions of dollars in assets that they had stolen from their victims.

Yes, I mean the dead Jews!!!!!!

Working with the equally sympathetic Catholic Church, the Argentine Government established secret escape routes out of Germany to South America, also known as Ratlines. They also provided escaping Nazis with new identities, fake documents and currency for travel.

Some of the worst known Nazi were able to use these Ratlines and lived under the Argentine sun, including Dr. Josef Mengele, who conducted experiments on Auschwitz in hope of improving the reproduction rates of the Aryan race. Adolf Eichmann, the chief organizer of the Holocaust, which systematically killed 11 million people also relocated to Argentina.

I know you might be thinking, bad Argentina. But they weren’t the only one to welcome Nazi’s into their countries. The USA is also known to have used the established ratlines to recruit Nazi scientists to improve their own defense capabilities in a mission called Operation Paperclip.

You will be surprised to know that only 23 Nazis were actually tried at The Nuremberg trials. While the others who escaped to Argentina managed to lever out their lives quietly, some even settling in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and other countries.

Archeologists including Schavelzon, have admitted that there is no proof that the ruins he found in Argentine Jungle is actually a Nazi Hideout, given the huge number German immigrants living in Argentina the discovery of German Coins and pottery can be a mere coincidence.

While it’s unlikely that any Nazi ever had to hide in Argentina’s forests, the truth that they were welcomed and were made a part of the civilian society is more frightening than anything else imaginable.