The way I derive an ideal blockbuster movie – a la GOTG Vol.1, Wonder woman – is by dividing its excellence into two categories. One is the entertainment value, that thing that keeps us hooked to the chair for the next 120 minutes. And the other half is the cinematic values, which works as an umbrella term for a variety of categories. Such as cinematography, writing, editing, storyboarding and all the behind the scenes stuff. Thor is that rare kind of a beast which managed to overshadow all the technical blotches by maximum overloading the entertainment value.

Now that the premise is clear, let’s dive into what works and what does not.

Thor sets itself up early on with Loki and him going to Earth in search of their father, and as a way to introduce an interesting conflict, this worked out great. But quite quickly it introduces the Planet Hulk plot element, which again, works out great. So if both the narratives are working out the way they’re supposed to, what seems to be wrong, you ask?

That’s where the problem with 90% improvisation part comes in. Though as separate plots they work out great, and they interconnect with each other pretty satisfyingly, but it just doesn’t feel like a sleek experience overall. The characters go from A to B to C in a matter of first fifteen minutes, and though it makes sense in terms of the plot, it also feels a bit rushed.

Plot cleared out, let’s talk about the characters, one of the greatest strength of Thor. There was this style, a pattern that came up throughout the movie, whenever a character was (re)introduced, there was a small gag or a style statement presented by them. And this helps us, by giving enough information about that person to root for them throughout the movie.

The best of all is Valkyrie, who totally steals the show. Making us weep for her, laugh with her, cheer for her – wait… who am I kidding? Every single character shines blazes in this one. Even a rock here has substantial character arc to make it a heartthrob of everyone’s heart. The Grandmaster has a fascinatingly weird persona to have a light-hearted laugh at.

However, Marvel still seems to be a little bit off from nullifying their movie villain Bane. Because of this time, the problem with Hela wasn’t that it was bad or anything. Hell, she was bloody terrifying in each and every frame and actually possessed a real threat to everyone, making her even more significant. No, the imperfection here was the lack of screen-time she got. The underplaying. Sometimes, when you only wish to make the character a simple menace, like in Blade Runner, this lack of screen-time feels fine. But when we’re going so very all out on doing something new, there needs to be more than what we got of Hela. #HelaDeservedMore

Music was amazing. Especially the use of Immigrant song in the movie played out so fantastically, it is assured to give you goosebumps. It is rare to see a trailer song actually being used in the main movie, but here, they chose the perfect song for the trailer, and then presented it in such an amazing fashion! All the other songs, the OST, the effects, were on-the-spot!

Visuals, just like any other Marvel movie were a sight for sore eyes. The alien feeling provided in this movie never feels out of the place. It doesn’t make us feel that this movie shouldn’t be working on these alien planets, in fact, we get completely immersed in that feel. This movie’s Asgard is a significant development on the first one. And the crown to all of these is the vision sequence of Hela vs Valkyries. In fact, it was one of the most fantastically crafted sequences of the entire movie. The visuals gave the best representation of Nose mythology, taking several creative liberties on how to present it.

Comedy in this one is a huge step up from Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike in the latter, here, none of it ever feels forced or awkward. It actually plays out with the overall design of the movie.

Verdict – Though not perfect for the longest of shots, this one is sure to quench your thirst for amazing action sequences mixed with a boatload of comedy. Thor Ragnarok manages to jump over everything wrong with it with a brilliant cast, excellent dialogues, whole lot of cameos(A Star Wars one as well) and colorful world.

P.S. The biggest question of the two Infinity gloves finally solved and I could not be more content with it. Sorry.

Thor Ragnarok Review : Marvell-ed yet satisfying
The movie was not up to the expectation. It was trying to be funny. Thor Ragnarok was just an average movie with quite a different plot than that of other movies. Marvel did a good job but not to an extent
Creativity 70%
Music and Sound Effects70%
Cinematography 70%
Direction 70%
70%Overall Score
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