Many of us are already familiar with the cult classic animated series of Tick. And after a well received pilot last year, Amazon finally released a full season consisting of 6 episodes. The series embraces the concepts of original cartoon and breathes an innovative and exciting new spin on the pop culture dominating superhero story.

The pilot quickly sets the stage for the world we are to witness with this series. This world has normalized the idea of superheroes and supervillains. They are as common here as a cop and a thug is in real world. And this becomes the jumping off point for the series. Most of it are grounded enough to give you the vibe of Mark Miller’s Kick Ass.

the tick

Tick is a superhero with no overtly obvious superpowers. He sense some strange connection with his friend Arthur and he has no awareness of anything before 2 or 3 days. He delivers one liners that cut through awkward situations and sees the world in unusual and entertaining ways. This is where the comedy comes in, there are glimpses of cartoonish stylings that are surprisingly effective and work within the world, due to effective exposition.

While most of the stuffs are right on point, The Tick does lack some exciting action set-pieces. It could be because of the budget constraints and with just 6 episodes in season 1, It feels like the show runners were just testing the water and the scope of the show. As a result, the show ends on a big cliffhanger from every sides. Perhaps the only complete arc we get is the origin of Arthur. Tick’s back story is left completely vague and convoluted, but it is hinted that it will be explored.

the tick

The Tick is not without its problems. And, unwisely, its creators have decided to “go dark” with the source material, handing Arthur a traumatic backstory and peppering scenes with moments of extreme violence that jar with the otherwise breezy tone of the show. Still, for all its uneven elements, it’s worth persisting with for Serafinowicz’s performance alone. Hopefully this time around The Tick will avoid another early extermination.


The Tick Season 1 REVIEW: Better Than The Last One
Peter Serafinowicz's spot on potrayal of quirky character is the only silver lining in otherwise a sub-par superhero drama.
Music & Sound Effects73%
Cinematography & Special Effects75%
Entertainment Value73%
Thumbs Up
  • Peter Serafinowicz's Tick Potrayal
  • Free flowing humor
Thumbs Down
  • Lack of action set pieces
  • Go Dark formula does not work
74%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (1 Vote)