Anime has a lot of things to offer for all kinds of audience. Whether you are in for some fantasy or a dose of some real world drama, anime can be the go to place for ’em all. One of the most underrated genre of anime is the Sports genre. People usually tend to ignore sports anime because they are not like other types of anime. The action, the emotions, everything is subtle to keep it realistic but it doesn’t means the entertainment value gets reduced. If you are in for something grounded and subtle then you will definitely become a full fledged fan. Here is a list of some of the best Sports Anime to follow and enjoy:

1. Hajime No Ippo


Every sports anime list is incomplete without putting this masterpiece. Even if you’re not into sports, you will still get hooked to it.

2. Ping Pong


This show is the perfect example of making a sports anime into a work of art. The art style, the story telling, everything is mesmerizing.



This comes in the new and fresh category. With a great lead character, this show is thoroughly enjoyable.

4. One Outs


One of my personal favourites. The thing is this anime is not much about the sport but more about the mindgames played by the lead character. It’s such a great psychological thriller that you will even find it as a suggestion for Death Note fans.

5. Kuroko No Basket


It’s quite new thus the animation is top notch and it is made for female otakus too, so expect a lot of fanservice.

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6. Slam Dunk


If you’re into Basketball then never ever miss this classic. The drama and the action has a perfect balance. You will never be overwhelmed with it.

7. Initial D


It comes under sports anime if you consider illegal street racing, a sport. This sports anime is a must for every adrenaline junkie with its incredible races with thrilling sequences.

8. Major


Major is not just a sports anime. It is an experience. The anime follows Gorō Honda and his life from kindergarten to becoming a professional baseball player.

9. Eyeshield 21


One of the coolest sports-drama anime. With only 25 episodes, this anime executes a nice plot based on American Football.

10. Baby Steps


I personaly left it after a few episodes but it is usually considered a great sports anime. The story is about a newbie in the world of tennis.

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