Tom Cruise has finally revealed there will be a sequel to his most iconic movie ‘Top Gun’. The movie supposedly titled Top Gun: Maverick will star Tom Cruise reprising his role as Lieutenant Pete Maverick Mitchell. In an interview with abc News recently, he confirmed the sequel and that shooting will start from next year. This news comes during his promotion for The Mummy which has just hit theaters. The star known for doing his own stunts pulled out a whole scene in zero gravity for the movie.

Coming back to the sequel, it is rumored Oblivion and Tron director, Joseph Kosinski might be shooting the film. This is however still in talks and not confirmed yet. Tom Cruise, aged 54 will be doing this sequel 24 years after the first part. Top Gun (1986) directed by Tony Scott is considered to be Tom Cruise’s most iconic movie. The romantic action drama is about Maverick, a romantic cocky military pilot whose attitude puts him at odds with his other pilots. In light of the news, Van Kilmer who plays ‘Iceman’, Maverick’s foe in the movie, took it to Instagram that he’s still got it for a sequel!

While shooting is yet to begin, the news of the sequel has already caught fans in excitement. The highest grossing film of 1986 was re-released in a 3D format for six days in 2013. While 24 years is a long gap, there’s no doubt that Tom Cruise will still pull it off. Besides, He still looks the same, doesn’t he? Fit and bloody handsome!