What is the first thought that strikes you when you hear the word transformation?Is that the same word we often use to describe a marked change??  If the answer is yes.. then take a jab to travel on an inventive cruise, to explore the possible ways of applying this word to our routine lifestyle. Before travel.. we need to foresee the pain and pleasure of exploring, often referred as experimenting when applied to solve tedious tasks.

But is it a good one to experiment with? What is the need of opting a new one when we are comfortable with our routine sequence?

give a new outset to your thoughts!

The accepted version of individual when ought to undertake task.

These are the frequently asked questions by individuals when they are taught to think out of the box, often referred to as “lateral thinking“. To disclose this new approach: it is thinking of the best possibility out of the chances given in a particular situation. As of now the knack brains must have appreciated how the title is related to the above approach!. To figure this out, it is ought to unravel: “true transformation from pain to pleasure”.

Before that question yourself whether you are capable of completing a tedious task within a short span of time? Generally, the answer is no. It is only because we underrate our efficiency on a scale of our frailty. Just think! Are we not capable of doing such tasks provided we have the quality of credit assignment of  the outcome on us.? Absolutely yes. But the only factor that ceases us from possessing this quality is-“the fear of experimenting innovative thoughts with the raw data we have”.

The only way to get rid of this factor is to practice the two key qualities as said above, which can be precisely mentioned as: a) the ability to seize opportunities , b) a habit of achieving rather than being awarded. To expound the former once recall those days of childhood where we had the habit of competing with peers in some stuff which were vivid. Got it? We also had a style of seizing that stuff (receive it) on any basis if we are attracted to it.  Apply the same norm of your childhood i.e., seizing the opportunities instead of waiting for it to approach you. To interpret the latter one,  every individual has a fancy for pleasure.. but it is an honor to those who are ready to toil. When captured the ease of enactment of these qualities when applied to our regime lives, we can definitely ensure ourselves successful!!

The answer is “it is your attitude” which is the key strand to succeed. The one who knows to not get blown away by the wind can enjoy the breeze. Similarly when a person who has faith in himself/herself is recognized as optimal among the seasonal ones. In common every human has an attitude, which determines his/her character. Apart from that, an additive is essential to that inclination which is a process of: “derivation of productive procedure for a strenuous task”.


that one step you leave..might be the last step to succeed.

a mask can be a limitation..enunciate yourself.

So isn’t it easy to think out of the box!! Is the travel satisfactory to convince an individual  to prefer lateral thinking  regular thinking? If yes, then commit yourself to the former one!