One Republic is one of the bands out there that is a mixture of different cliches making them a niche. They have songs with a range of genres covered and the focus isn’t on anything in particular. One thing is a given – Ryan Tedder is one hell of a vocalist!

Interesting Facts:-

1. The band separated at a point:

The group was formed in 1996 when they were in their senior year. They decided to separate after senior year, each attending different colleges.

2. Ryan Tedder has written songs for other artists:

Despite being a sensational vocalist himself, Ryan Tedder has written songs for several top artists. Some of the songs include Halo (Beyonce), Burn (Ellie Goulding), Love Don’t lie (The Fray) and Rumor Has It (Adele).

3. Native was a chart shaking album:-

It was their first Top 10 album in the United States and also marked the bands return after a hiatus of nearly 4 years.

Tribute Playlist:-

You can listen to it by clicking on the thumbnail below or here.

  1. Let’s hurt tonight
    A song from their latest album featuring brilliance of acoustics, percussion and vocals.
  2. Love Runs Out
    A promo track for ABC’s ‘How to get away with Murder’
  3. I lived
    The official video (here) is a must watch. It is dedicated to Bryan Warneck, a 15 year old fan who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.
  4. Feel Again
    It featured popularly in trailers of ‘The Spectacular Now’.
  5. Burning Bridges
    A song from ‘Native’ with a catch percussion and high scaling vocals.
  6. Secrets
    The cello infused with Ryan Tedder’s display of emotions is heart warming. The song featured in several trailers and entertainment sectors including Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the Facetime promo of iPhone 4 and other such forms.
  7. Apologize (Original version)
    This is a lot better than the boring version of Timbaland. Not much left if you remove the essence of percussion and the cello.
  8. Wherever I go
    This track marked a change in style for One Republic. Tedder explained that they released this song way ahead of the album to mark a change in style due the induction of Funk.
  9. Stop and Stare
    This was the second track from ‘Dreaming Out Loud’, their debut studio album. Ryan’s falsetto is top notch here.
  10. Good Life
    It was the only explicit song until their new album came along. The word ‘bullshit’ was the reason it was marked as explicit on ‘iTunes’.


I haven’t really paid much importance to the new album since it’s more of a tribute. ‘Let’s hurt tonight’ was too good to ignore. I’ve focused on highlighting their best and of course, Ryan’s falsetto skills. The new album is all in all good but it marks a change in their style.┬áIt is a good album and you can listen to it here.

For those on Spotify, this will help.