IT industry is one of the largest organizations concerned with managing and processing information. Besides predicting the end user’s demand and desire for a product, it also foresees the customer’s passion and purpose of that product. It processes huge amounts of data and shares them global wide through internet metaphor- cloud.Cloud experts design a program in an optimal way to answer all the services requested.

For the past 4 years, and users were the happiest souls surviving in IT industry on a strategy of hiring.Then what is that unseen ‘A’ which they found out as a sway but not as a resource?

A stands for automation-which aims to combine technologies and produce powerful cloud infrastructure.Cloud mavens are good enough in deployment but they lack in assurance of efficiency and standardization.Now it is a tough time for cloud providers to design a code in such a way that it can be considered as a solution for the current issue.

without cloud, one cannot imagine IT industry to lead the world.

Cloud-the most used around the globe

Apart from that, there are three main services provided by cloud abbreviated as V(virtualization),I(integration),S(standardization) which are insufficient alone to create a fully automated cloud environment. Software companies are offering large amounts of money to IT automation tools due to their increasing data day by day.

Besides the increase in number of services, organisations are looking forward to aggregate with peers, sometimes their competent to fabricate a remarkable change at their end.It is the only area where end user is not benefited as much as the organization!This kind of approach is often observed  in the present days, where the public data and common analysis can be viewed and shared between organizations, to yield a product beyond the expectations of the user. One such example can be VirtusaPolaris which represents deep domain expertise and strong software engineering heritage.

But how is the integration related to standardization and automation? The process is a simpler step suggested which can improve the automation at a basic level. Upon process integration time consuming and workload can be reduced greatly.This is the reason why software companies are on a craze of sharing!

The basic level of automation does not help to solve the issue but can guarantee only short time benefits.For one to reach a higher level, there are 3 steps taken into consideration where any one of them can better the situation.

  1. Contextual customization
  2. Benefits realization
  3. Continuous improvement

Not to get deeper more, the only believable fact out of this is-we, the end users are not even concerned how all our data is being maintained.We are just bothered about quick access and time consuming factors.But it is good news for techie’s who strive hard to lead the industry because these type of issues make them more innovative and recognized among the grooved. Mostly the service providers might be intermediate or actual, are on their way to make their fingers to the bone in order to maintain the user’s passion for cloud.

So, it’s a wake up call for all techies who really want a chance to prove them.Utilize it!