After a long waite,the first trailer of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets has finally arrived. It is the live-action adaptation of the much acclaimed french graphic novel series of the same name. First Valerian trailer has got a lot going on and looks too good to be true. Check out the Valerian Trailer.


 The first valerian trailer shows us the dazzling elements of this enchanting space opera. It has got everything you want in a sci-fi epic, it has got sleek spaceships, armoured spacesuits and planets with all kinds of aliens plus many other things. There is even an added bonus in the trailer if you are a Beatles fan. The trailer uses the Beatle’s song “Between” for the trailer. It is the first time that the group has allowed a song of theirs to be used like this for a movie trailer. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr signed off on it personally.
The movie is directed by Luc Besson who has previously worked on a similar sci-fi epic, The Fifth Element (I am not gonna mention Lucy like the trailer proudly did because it’s SHIT). The Fifth Element was a really weird space opera which turned out to be watchable only because of Besson’s brilliant direction. If Besson is back in his form then his talent and the vast source material combined could deliver a movie unlike any other. Despite the fact that his last sci-fi venture, LUCY, was a mess (I hate Lucy, deal with it) we can still hope Besson will redeem himself with Valerian.
If the 1st trailer was not good enough for you, then fear not. Besson recently stated that there will be two more trailers. The next one will come out in January, and the final trailer later on and he doesn’t want to use any of the shot twice in those. He took this decision because he’s sick of trailers that just re-edit the same footage over and over again. I just hope he doesn’t spoiles the movie by showing too much.