The first Coco teaser trailer is out. Coco is going to be the first Pixar animated musical movie and it is safe to say that it strikes a perfect chord and takes us on a musical ride.


Directed by Lee Unkrich (director of Toy Story 3) and co-directed and written by Adrian Molina, Coco is the latest fantasy-comedy adventure movie produced by Pixar Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It follows the story of 12-year-old Mexican lad Miguel  (Anthony Gonzalez), who belongs to a family where music has been banned for years yet he grows up adoring Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt) a  music legend and his journey to become like him.

One day when Miguel visits the resting place of his idol he found his guitar hanging above his head, the moment he plays it he finds himself inadvertently transported to the Land of Dead.

From the dazzling first Coco teaser trailer, it looks like the movie is all about a boy, his dreams, a magic guitar and the Land of the Dead.


Coco looks like the perfect reply to all the people’s complaints about Pixar’s long list of sequels and the claims of not having original content. Coco is set to hit theaters November 22 this year. It is the second Pixar movie to be released this year first being Cars 3.