WARNING: Before playing the above video, we warn you that the shrieking noise of Aztec Death Whistle is not for faint of heart. If you are a pregnant woman or suffering from any heart condition, please please do not play the video. Xtrascoop will NOT be held responsible for any health hazard caused.

If the above warning was not apparent enough, the Aztec death whistle produces a sound so horrifying, it will chill you to the bone. Described as the ‘scream of thousand corpses’, the frightening Aztec death whistle sounds like cry of undead or the torment of human being being burnt alive. The whistles were sounded before Aztec men were sacrificed grisly by decorated Aztec priests.


Discovered decades ago, the whistles attracted the attention of archaeologists because of their skull shape, but it is only recently that their fearsome noise has been investigated. Initially, the archaeologists dismissed the whistle as simple toys, and were cataloged and stored in warehouses. It wasn’t until one of them accidentally blew the whistle that produced one of the most terrifying and piercing sound known to mankind.

Archaeologists and historians still aren’t exactly sure what the Aztec whistles were specifically used for. Some suggest the terrifying sound the whistles make were used as a weapon of psychological warfare to scare the shit out of their enemies. Imagine hundreds of these whistles going off at the same time. Horrifying, right? Others suggest these whistles were used as a sendoff to the dead during burial ceremonies or perhaps for human sacrifices.

Archaeologists have also discovered the existence of other types of noisemakers that were used by the Aztecs, made of clay, turkey feathers, sugar cane, frog skins and other natural materials – each one served a specific purpose. Conch shells, for instance, were sounded at the beginning of ceremonies, while hunters used animal-shaped ocarinas to produce grunts that lured deer. Medical doctors believe that the Aztecs may have used sounds to cure illnesses. But it is the death whistle that generates the strongest reactions, because of the creepy sound it makes when blown into.