Ed Sheeran has set the new year ablaze with two sensational tracks. These tracks have been topping charts worldwide and are part of the new album “Divide”. One of the tracks “Castle on the Hill” has its official video released today (like an hour or so back) and it has something special. He describes the song as a “love song for Suffolk”.

The video has a young look-alike version of himself. He did show this in his Instagram handle ‘teddysphotos’ where he joked about his dad having some fun after he was born. The resemblance is uncanny and magnificent. One can indeed say that he looks like a younger Ed Sheeran.

Castle On The Hill video coming tomorrow x

A video posted by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

The Video:-

For those wondering about the location, it’s Framlingham. The video basically is a trip down memory lane where he had fun with friends; pretty much like us. He narrates how he’s now returning after having had a great time back then. He goes on to add how his friends are doing now, which, unfortunately doesn’t look too good. The video does justice to the song. It’s simplistic, accurate and pretty much ‘Ed Sheeran’. It’s not overdone and is shot really well.


The Divide Album on iTunes. Photo: – iTunes

The rest of the songs from the album aren’t out yet but you can get a peek into it on iTunes. No, the songs aren’t playable but the names are indeed visible. Doesn’t do you much good, but hey! It’s something! We hope you liked ‘Castle on the hill’ as much as we did.