The music video “Whatever it takes” starts with water and then the band sinking into the water. This shows that Imagine Dragons just wants to provide strong emotional support for the victims of Harvey hurricane.

With a beautiful scenario of a room filled with water and everything seems floating with helplessness. Meaning that this was the condition of Harvey hurricane victims. Being helpless, calling for hope and losing courage while their home crumbles down due to the climate change ignored by Trump. The band extends their emotional support.

In another way, the music video could also mean to send out a message of “never give up” motto.

However, it depresses me that people have misunderstood the video. There was the element of water and fire in the music video. It can be said that Imagine Dragons was just trying to convey that even though it’s hell out there -“you must never lose hope”

Easily conveyed through lyrics and visuals, you can find out for yourself.  Watch out for the chorus though, it is highly addictive.