Warner Bros has released fourth trailer of The LEGO Batman Movie. The new The LEGO Batman Movie trailer has lots of unseen footage and reveals the greatest fear of the dark knight. And no, it’s not Joker. Why should I spoil all the fun. Watch the trailer and know why Batman is terrified in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Previous trailers had hinted Batman’s loneliness, but fourth The LEGO Batman Movie trailer shows Batman spending his off night eating alone, swimming with dolphins and watching movie in home theater. Alfred, being the father figure, suggest him to raise the adopted child and grow his family. I think this will be really interesting to watch. Of all Batman movies – Animated Or Live-Action – as per my knowledge, none have shown Bruce Wayne raising a child/robin.


The LEGO Justice League movies were high on comedy and low on logic, but they never contained any meta jokes from their live-action counterparts. But The LEGO Batman Movie has. I literally screamed when ‘Batman-Superman staring at each other soaked in rain’ scene straight out of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice popped on the screen. Awww…I felt bad for Joker when Batman termed Superman as his greatest enemy. It seems WB have sent their ‘light’ factor to LEGO movies and adopted the ‘dark’ factor for its live-action movies. But, its also a good indication that they are aware of their mistakes and are making us aware of it through the meta jokes. Bruce’s reaction to Barbara Gordon announcing team up with the Batman was also hilarious.

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Overall, the fourth The LEGO Batman Movie trailer offers more of what fans enjoyed both in previous teasers. Lots of new characters are introduced, a rough framework for the movie seems to be in sight, and above all, The LEGO Batman Movie is going to be a laughter riot.

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith and directed by Chris McKay The LEGO Batman Movie is scheduled for February 10, 2017 release.