The first trailer of ‘Life’ starring Jack Gyllenhaal and Ryan reynolds is out and it looks slick. The first LIFE Trailer does an impressive job at showing a star-studded affair in space with enough tension to keep things interesting. The first trailer gives you Ridley Scott’s Alien like vibe with its closed-room tension involving an alien.

With the premise being simple and similar to other alien takeover movies, LIFE is set on the International Space Station. A crew of six astronauts make an incredible breakthrough when they discover the first live specimen of an extraterrestrial being. The thing looks cute and innocent at first but it doesn’t takes time to become a danger for the crew.


The first LIFE Trailer is simplistic but does a surprisingly good job at maintaining the suspense by not revealing too much. The footage is obviously from the beginning of the movie and doesn’t tells us anything about the fate of any character other than the scientist played by Ariyon Bakare (He’s doomed, kids). With the tension among the characters building up more, the human characters might screw each other more than the alien.

The most exciting thing is the great cast. The movie has Jack Gyllenhaal in it who has a really superb track in choosing amazing scripts. If this movie turns out like his other projects than it can surely be a sleeper hit. Ryan Reynolds’ quippy dialogues are reminiscent of Deadpool but he sure does know when to get serious in this one. The female lead, Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t gets to do much in the first trailer.

The movie is not coming out anytime soon as it is slated for a May 2017 release but the trailer will sure make Sci-fi enthusiasts a lot excited for it. Do tell us your thoughts about the trailer.