Disney has released a new trailer for their next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Dead Men tell not Tales. The latest trailer contains a butt load of CGI driven action to ascertain the next movie being a pop-corn munching summer block-buster. Other than the action the trailer also showed us several new things which we seriously need to talk about. First, check out the new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer above.


The previous trailers didn’t show us much of our beloved Pirates of the Caribbean character, Captain Jack Sparrow, but that is not the case with this new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer. We get to see much more of the drunk pirate in action here and it looks like Johny Depp is having a lot of fun being back in the shoes of the character.

This trailer also cleared Captain Salazar’s backstory and why he’s looking for Jack Sparrow. The backstory showed us a digitally de-aged Johny Depp playing a young Jack Sparrow fooling Captain Salazar and his crew into crashing their ship and dying a horrible death. Like it has always been in the series, the dead don’t remain dead for long and thus Captain Salazar has returned to take his revenge.


The new Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer also shows several other cool things which will seriously hype up the fans of the franchise. The new trailer has a friggin UNDEAD SHARK! It was a small glimpse in the trailer but we can’t wait to see it in full action in the movie.

With this brand new action packed trailer we are really hoping that this franchise which has been away from the silver screen for quite a long time, makes a great and worthwhile comeback. The last outing was quite a disaster, so the fans should remain a bit skeptical.